Welcome to our Kitchen Table! Fresh Bakery & Cafe will be providing delicious vegan cakes and desserts for our upcoming workshops! This is without a doubt one of my new found favorite gems in Taipei and I always walk away with plenty of breads and cupcakes. In Bright Side workshops with the youth, I do not permit junk food and generally stay away from most sweets.

With Fresh Bakery we are able to satisfy our sweet tooth and I feel comfortable and assured that the decadent desserts are unprocessed and best of all, vegan! I am so thrilled that our good friend Ikea has decided to sponsor the workshops the baked goods for the month of December through our Santa Jia-Xin activities! On the 15th we will head to 桃園縣私立睦祥育幼院 to decorate Fresh’s gingerbread cookies with hand-made frosting. They will also support us on the 25th during Christmas deliveries of necessities and gifts, as well as our workshop on the 28th with adorable indigenous children in the ChingChuan community. Happy 2013!


新鮮烘培坊的麵包都是純手工且用天然酵母不加防腐劑, 使用的原料很多是由國外進口, 所以成本很高, 但您可以吃得很安心, 提醒您最好三天內食用完畢, 因為低溫宅配麵包烤過或蒸過風味更加。

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreshBakeryCafeTaipei