Chloe Wu / 小強小姐

身為創意工作者,經常涉略不同的生活,蒐集不同的體驗,喜歡使用插畫/設計/攝影/文字表達一切, 倒著活的地球女生, 有時後分秒必爭,有時後與世無爭, 盡量比較真的活著,然後相信自己有某些超能力就是了。

As a creator, often lives in a parallel universe that encounters different experiences. Enjoys using illustrator, designing, photography, and self-expression through text. On the flip side in returning to the experiences of the average Joe constitutes a race against the clock and others.

Always exploring the balance between the selves and believing one has control of super powers.
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