Lilyth, 木葉粗食共同創辦人。 15年前看到一台載滿豬隻的卡車後,開始反思食物與動物之間的關係,進而成為素食者。之後從飲食中找回健康的自主權,也因為這樣,最大的興趣是喚醒吃與自然之間的連結。現任職於香港綠野林(Greenwoods), 並斜槓木葉粗食,俗稱老闆娘。

Lilyth, who also works at Greenwoods Hongkong, is the co-founder of Mottainai Plant-Based Whole Food Café. After seeing a truck carrying pigs on their way to the slaughter 15 years ago, she started to reflect on the relationships between food and animal welfare, and ended up as a vegan.  Her greatest interest in connecting eating and nature was fueled by her regained body autonomy in veganism.