The Kitchen Table is such an important part of our activity. Taking a break to share food is an extremely bonding experience and this time we will focus our efforts on creating foods with the kids. While we have enjoyed some forms of mini pizzas before, this time we will create pizza dough from scratch and add in our favorite toppings! We will also make a simple salad and dessert (fruit pudding tbc).

Giving the kids and all of us a chance to create our own meals shows us that creating delicious, nutritious is well within reach!

Head Chef: Sophie Ping Ya Hsu
日期Date : 3/28/2015 (Saturday) (六)
時間Time: 上午11:00 – 下午14:30 (leave Taipei around 8:00 am)
地點 Location: 清泉 ChingChuan TauShan Youth Cultural Center
贊助者Benefactor: 捷式股份有限公司

Purpose: make vegan pizzas from scratch to enjoy with the kids. Being able to create our own food and especially a treat we all enjoy

Task: creating dough, cutting fruits and vegetables, baking pizzas, etc. Setup and clean up.

Sliding Scale Fee System: 300, 400, 500.
We understand that everyone has different levels on which they can contribute. This amount includes all the raw materials for the pizzas and other lunch for you and the children. Rideshare is separate, estimate 100NT each way from Taipei.

3月課程費用 :志工可任選300, 400, 或500元投入本次活動基金。費用分級的用意在於我們希望讓這活動本身能讓更多志工參與,因此讓報名金額更有彈性。包含PIZZA還有中餐的材料。 清泉交通預估單程100元。

Maximum Capacity: Space is limited to 10 Big Friends on a first come first serve basis

報名方式 (Maximum 10):
1. Read and register here: 發email後必須填
2. Email (at) 發EMAIL到 (at)
3. Bright Side Projects will confirm your details and if there is a spot for you. 嚮光受到報名訊息48小時內通知你確認課程位子。
4. Rideshare will be announced 7 days prior. 嚮光會跟你聯絡確認報名治療,共乘汽車方式課程7天前會再次做確認。

也感謝FRESH 烘培的支持!
Many thanks Fresh Bakery & Café for their kind instructions!

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