Plants x 嚮光協會 (Bright Side Projects)







We are what we eat.(人如其食),飲食可以反映一個人的健康與生活,人類也可以透過飲食的模式來改變創造更好的環境。[ 美味 x 健康 x 永續 ] 是Plants的理念,讓我們在選擇美味健康食物的同時,也能為地球盡一份力。


Plants x Bright Side Projects

Taipei, Taiwan, July 25th 2016 / Immediate Release

Bright Side Projects is honored that Plants has select us a partner to reduce food waste!

Our hope is restaurant go-ers can appreciate the bountiful harvest that Mother Nature and hardworking farmers have provided for us. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own containers if they cannot finish their delicious meal at Plants or a 10% fee will be incurred for food wastage with the proceeds going to local charity Bright Side Projects.

This is one of the rare times we sincerely wish to receive no funds and if everyone eats responsibly with a loving conscious, our wish may come true!

In our own activities based locally in Taiwan, Bright Side Projects has also strived to reduce waste in plastic packaging, our plant-based meal creations with children, and workshops by using natural or recycled materials whenever possible. We support any endeavor to reduce, reuse, and recycle, with the first emphasis on reducing. Waste management is something that is close to our heart and we are ecstatic that Plants shares our passion.

If you would like to join us and others on our journey for better world, let us know how you are making a significant positive impact on the environment as we would love to share your story. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at our workshop or over a nourishing, wholesome plant-based meal at Plants!

About Plants
Delicious, nourishing & sustainable. Plants believes that food should be made with whole, nutritious ingredients, and prepared with the healthiest methods. Our food choices can also have significant impact on our environment. We aim to provide enjoyable, wholesome food with mindfully chosen & locally-sourced ingredients.

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