We are looking for toys in good-new condition as stocking stuffers as part of our Santa Jia-Xin Necessities and Gift drive!

Suitable and safe for ages 5-15, we promote gender fluidity so that gifts are not just “for boys” or “for girls” but for anyone who wishes to play with them. I have some budget but prefer to keep it 100-150NT or less per gift, or if you have items in good condition you can’t sell and want to donate, that’s great too. Pending on what we get, gifts will be distributed to a children’s home (kids affected by domestic abuse) in Taiyuan or to the mountains of ChingChuan, mostly indigenous families. You are also free to donate any of the items stated below. We know each and every one of the children (with exception of 2 who were just added this year). Some of them we have know for over three years!

If you want to donate items they can be wrapped and you can include a gift label (print GiftLabel禮物標籤) or I can wrap these for you.

Ideas: Puzzles, medium to large clean plushies, cars, play doh, legos, kites, etc.

Size: we only have one car to deliver necessities and gifts for 8 families (you can see how stuffed the trunk has been and we had 3 cars last year to help since we also give rice, fresh veggies, jackets, and other necessities to families).

Deadline: Email me brightside.tw (at) gmail.com or PM https://fb.me/brightside.tw – preferably receive by Dec 12th (for 12/14 MuHsiang delivery)or December 17th (for 12/24 ChingChuan deliveries). We will sort out the logistics of pickup and drop off shortly.

We will be doing a fun tie dye workshop with kids as well so it’s not just about kids getting “things” but us spending time together. More details here for the 12/14 and 1/10 workshop, welcome to join!

Not looking for clothes unless they’re brand new; kids get secondhand clothes all year round so we’re hoping for holiday gifting they can have something that’s new and all theirs for once. PM me here at our Facebook page ( https://fb.me/brightside.tw ) or contact brightside.tw@gmail.com

Read more on how we came to our third year of gifting, read more on Santa Jia-Xin and become inspired!

Thank you FB group page Play It Forward-Children’s Stuff To Buy and Sell for supporting us!

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