After working tirelessly and only with several official “work dates” on the project site, creators completed the beautification of a new home. We hosted a BBQ so each person could introduce the masterpieces to the kids of MuHsiang. This was the first time all the kids had been back to the new home since we started painting just a little over 2 weeks prior. With Nippon Paint’s quality products, dozens of helping hands, freshly prepared vegetarian meals that filled our tummies, we were able to complete everything on time. View the gorgeous masterpieces here!

This opening party also as a thank you to our generous sponsors and everyone who took the effort to get to know us, opening their hearts to make new friends this summer.

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All photography courtesy Ken Wang, Chloe Wu, Starry Cheng.


The ending to this summer was initially going to come in form of a rooftop BBQ, with artists introducing each of their rooms in an “opening.” The rooftop idea was mixed after spending 10 minutes in the blistering heat and also realizing the logistical nightmares of a single small window being the sole entryway. In the end we maintained the theme of the vegetarian BBQ and invited all the new family members and friends we made over the summer.

A pinata was arranged (yes in Taiwan), DJ Jez Fang and Nicolas came with full gear, tables were set up with great vegetarian and vegan food from SALADAY, Sophie, Paula, 明齋素食館 (courtesy of Rachel Huang), and Burger 1988.

Kids arrived much later than anticipated so we were not able to have as much chance to splash around in the cool pool that Carleen’s English Center lent us. But for everyone that had a shot at getting soaked, they had a great time! Best part of the evening was when the artists walked Auntie, Uncle, and the kids through each of the beautiful rooms, telling the tale of inspiration and concept behind their new home.

To keep it intimate, only “family and friends” were invited this evening. The next day we had a small public opening “housewarming” so the public could get to know MuHsiang firsthand. It was so wonderful to see two of our first supporters, Jaime Cheng and Dege Sezer, make their way to the opening.

Looking back at the images of the spaces at what we had to start with, it became a small shock to me of the potential I saw in the room instead of the tattered paint and the mold. This was only a vision that was possible to complete with love and hard work of all those involved.

We hope to continue to be able to have more chances like this in the future and hope new friends can join us on our journey.