It was an exciting day as we brought our new vegan pizza making skills to share at the next Kitchen Table with the kids and other big friends! Just two weeks prior we were at Fresh Bakery & Café taking a class on how to create the dough from scratch.

We measured and poured as per the recipe, giving each person a chance to knead out their ball of dough. While we waited for it to rise other toppings were chopped up with kids. This included vegan sausage and nutritious vegetables such as broccoli, red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, and more. The nutritional factors behind each of the vegetables was presented and explained. The dough had risen by this time so we moved onto the next step of making a proper canvas to decorate with toppings.

Kids flattened their pizza dough almost as flat as paper and selected their favorite items to place on it, sprinkled generously with Daiya vegan cheese. In fours, we popped the creations into the mini ovens we had lugged up to ChingChuan for the occasion.

Pizzas baking gave us time to move onto our next dish! Sophie brought ingredients for a delicious coconut cream chocolate mousse to satisfy our sweet tooth craving. Some kids from the basketball session with Coach Mohan stopped by the youth center on their way to practice so helped us with mixing up the sweets. Two big bowls were carefully placed into the fridge to set and by this time the pizzas and our lunch was ready!

Knowing, creating, and sharing healthy food is so important! Thanks to everyone who came and hope you all had fun this trip up.

Brightside Pizza 清泉_032815_156 copy

Big Friends: Sophie Hsu, Rufen Cheng, Yao Chai, 趙嘉聖
Photographer: Jonathan Burke
Benefactors: 捷式股份有限公司, Victoria Choa, Anonymous (J.C)

Lunch: Kid-self created vegan pizzas, fruit salad with coconut milk
Dessert: Coconut cream chocolate mousse

Special Thanks: Father Barry & the TauShan Youth Cultural Center, Taoshan Elementary School, Principal 蘇美娟, Teacher Lin YuHong, DongMei Liu

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