Jia-Xin的冬日慶典活動第一站始於台東,在這個活動邁入第四年之際,我們很幸運能過把Jia-Xin 和支持她的朋友們的暖意及慷慨散佈到台灣更多角落。

We began the first leg of our journey for Jia-Xin’s Winter Solstice in Taitung. In our fourth year, we were so blessed to be able to spread the warmth and generosity of Jia-Xin and her supporters to more of Taiwan! (read more below)

我們非常開心能與一位老友 Ichi Lin 重新合作,並且在Fukid 部落聚會所認識一些新的小朋友,有一群當地的大朋友也加入我們。在期盼對未來環境更友善的前提下,嚮光開始以回收物品取代塑膠商品做為我們使用的藝術材料。除了歲末節慶活動之外,嚮光通常拒絕贈送玩具或禮物;這次無論如何,我們決定鼓勵孩子去製作自己的玩具。運用二手布料變成無縫絨毛娃娃,讓孩子們專注於腦力激盪、繪畫和創作自己的娃娃。




James 與 Ichi老師將帶領孩子了解衣服的來源,認識布料和衣服,想想為什麼會有這麼多二手衣。然後一起動手用不縫針線的創意方法,將回收的衣物轉變成充滿想像力的布偶。 現場一樣會為孩子準備新鮮美味的蔬食餐點和杯子蛋糕小點心。

20151115-IMG_6217 copy

老師: Ichi Lin
攝影師 Photographers: Ken Wang
大朋友 Big Friends: James Teng, Mean Li, Kim Chou, Shang Han Chien, Snow Tsao

感謝: 新馬蘭Fukid部落,郭祐慈

聖誕Jia-Xin 及朋友!
Jet Sunny捷式股份有限公司: https://www.jetsunny.com

We were excited to meet up with an old friend, Ichi Lin, and see new faces of the children at the ShinMa 在新馬蘭Fukid部落聚會所. A fresh set of local Big Friends also joined us.

Hoping to be more environmentally friendly in the future, Bright Side has begun banning plastic bottles that can be brought to workshops and look into recycled goods for the materials we use. Bright Side Projects generally bans gift-giving of toys except during our end of the year activities. This time, however, we decided to empower kids to make their own toys. Utilizing secondhand fabrics that could be made into sewless plushies kids were in charge of brainstorming, drawing, and creating their own toys.

During the break we enjoyed a hot plant-based lunch of simple pastas, coconut seared French bread, fruit salad. Later in the afternoon kids drew on some brand new donated mugs and we made delicious vegan chocolate mug cakes. Seeing what people are doing and what they want to achieve is so inspiring. 郭幼慈 has become of one my new inspirations and real change-makers who is truly dedicating her life to ensure that others can live to their full potential. As per our mission, we strive for long term involvement and engagement with communities. We hope to head back to ShinMaLan 在新馬蘭Fukid部落 this April and hope that you will support our journey.

Teacher: Ichi Lin
Photographers: Ken Wang
Big Friends: James Teng, Mean Li, Kim Chou, Shang Chien, Snow Tsao

Thanks to ShinMaLan Tribe and Kuo YoChi!

Thank you to our sponsors:
Santa Jia-Xin and her supporters!
Jet Sunny捷式股份有限公司: https://www.jetsunny.com

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