Third year with the support of Santa Jia-Xin and a large elf team located abroad and domestically, we were able to bring necessities and holiday cheer to kids in Taiwan! In a short amount of time we were very fortunate to be able to reach our goal. I was also able to outreach to a few different communities and also pick up gifts along the way from new friends. It’s always ideal and wonderful to get more people involved in what we do.

Thanks to their generosity and taking the time to meet me to pass on their gifts, funds were able to be utilized on purchasing higher quality food stuffs such as organic rice from YuanLi ( 用心米舖 ) and unprocessed hand-made snacks直接跟農夫買 which supports the local Taiwanese farming community. Bright Side Projects is taking slow, measured steps to continue to provide healthy food to children and adults, cutting out junk food. Fresh vegan breads were also provided to families courtesy of Fresh Bakery & Café.

These gifts that were lightly loved (or never had a chance to be loved by a child at all), we could funnel our resources to other necessities.

Several friends took time off work on December 24th so we could make our usual 2.5 hour journey, two cars stuffed full of items. This year gift packaging was minimized with previous years wrappings, necessities were passed on in recyclable bags that can be used for next year.

Kids were invited to our tie-dye workshop on January 10th so we could spend more time with them, since holidays are not simply about “things.” Stay tuned for our next event wrap up! We had a great time with the tie-dyes and also the basketball session hosted concurrently and would love to share with you the images from that day!

We continued to be involved in the lives of those we have already met and expanded our outreach to other kids. Seeing their familiar faces almost every month, being with them as they grow into young adults, is something really unexplainable. I know that everyone who has been involved so far is so grateful for this and all opportunities to grow and learn alongside the children. Thank you all for your support!

Delivery with Taoshan Elementary School!

Delivery with Taoshan Elementary School!


Big Friends: Starry Cheng, Rufen Cheng, Jeff Yang, Jonathan Burke

Benefactors: Jia-Xin Rosenberg, Yuting Hung, Tina Chen, Anonymous, Chieni McCullough, Wang Ibe, Carol Lin, Jo Ying Peng, Ricky Huang, Lou Stillman, Nama & Grampy, Sarah & Anna, The Anna’s Incense Family, Marc & Darlene, Sumo, Sharon and Bruce, Alicia, Sandy Zabludofsky, Kathy, Laura & Jeff Bryer, Samuel et al, 張倫維, 潘彥志, 葉耀宏

Fresh Bakery & Café, Xiao Yu, Jay Dussadee, Victoria Wayching Wang, 用心米舖, Chantal Verstockt-Pedro, Carleen’s English Learning Center, Patience Yu, Buy Direct from Farmers, Little King, 直接跟農夫買, 睦祥育幼院, MuHsiang Children’s Home



Father Barry Martinson and Hannah from the Catholic Church, Principal蘇美娟 and her team from TaoShan Elementary School. This year Taoshan Elementary School’s new Principal蘇美娟 also kept up with the tradition of lending a hand to Bright Side Projects, without the local community support we simply could not have completed this or could have conducted our monthly workshops!

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