All the hard work paid off for the final day of delivery for Santa Jia-Xin! From coordinating necessities such as rice and fresh food and fruits, bundled with amazing jackets courtesy of Good360 and LEVIS, it was a success. I mentioned that over 60 kids were gifted and over 100 “big kids” were involved in this small project that spanned from Canada to Taiwan. I hope that this year more people will get involved and spread the love and warmth of the holidays.

All photos courtesy Jonathan Burke, James Teng, and Snow Tsao.

On Christmas a gang of us headed up to ChingChuan with three carloads full of packaged gifts and food for approximately 7 families. There was a bit of logistical nightmaring involved as I had trouble sourcing a vehicle and a few other hiccups but no matter what I knew that the day would turn out. We made it up for the school’s Christmas performance that was absolutely adorable. Then proceeded with the assistance of the school principal and superintendent to deliver to each home all the items we had brought up.

As a continuation of our 2012 gifting, we maintained most of the same households. A long term relationship is what is most important to me. Having seen the kids grow from 2012-2013 in our monthly workshops has also made a difference in that I knew what items would be most needed and desired. This was so refreshing from the previous year where I faced a list of names. Now the names brings up the smiles of the children. The households were selected on the basis that they would benefit most and beyond the gifts, they were invited to a winter workshop with us since the holidays should be about spending time together, not just about “things.”

Courtesy of Good360 and their partner LEVIS for brand new winter jackets!

Thanks Good360 and Teacher Snow for zipping up some warmth!

Thanks Good360 and Teacher Snow for zipping up some warmth!

Courtesy of Fresh Bakery and Cafe! Delicious vegan gingerbread cookies, cupcakes, and loaves of bread!

Thanks to Fresh Bakery and Cafe!

Thanks to Fresh Bakery and Cafe!

We stuffed Santa James’ tummy with a red pillow and helpers Snow and Adan made our merry way around the village with photographer Jon Burke, Vivian Lee, Dee, and the school to each of the homes.

Thank you all for a very memorable end of the year 2013! This is just the round-up for December – wait till my 2013 wrap up report. If you want to get involved in 2014 contact me now! You can read more about Santa Jia-Xin’s Christmas Wsih here and the winter workshops here and here. 2012 reports here.


Santa Jia-Xin
Jeremy and Tracie Rosenberg
Yuting Hung (matched dollar for dollar!)
Sharon & Buce
Guylaine & Terry
Laura & Jeff
The Bisskys
Uncle Jeff, Auntie Janet and Baby Morgan
Melissa & Danny
Eryn Holbrook
Jonathan Morrissey
Kathy Koopman
Omadar & Marc
The Dorval Family
Mitch Chang
Jordan Raine
Anna’s Incense
Miranda Friz
Iron Man Markus
Towler Family
Karen and Tim
Emily Halpen-Buie
Katarina and Mattias
Marla and Steve Rosenberg
Kim Roberts
Sherry Farley
Megan MacDonald
Jeff H
And other generous “Anonymous” sponsors!
Yifan Chen
Snow Tsao
Jonathan Burke
Adan Wu
Vivian Lee
Paula Perry
Clint Siu
James Teng
Jeff Yang
Jiang Chong Yi
Dee Burke
Helen Lee
Matt (Lee)
Sophie Chang
Kelly Manske
Gary Smoke
Ann Lin
Chiajo KuoSALADAY for our incredible January 4th Kitchen Table vegetarian lunch, especially head chef Josh Kuo. And always, Kaye Yuan!**The generosity and patience of Father Barry Martinson and Dean at the Taushan Youth Cultural Center**The unforgettable folks at TauShan Elementary School with special thanks to Principal Chen, Pawang Iban, and coordinators plus teachers at the school

**The kind folks at MuHsiang Orphanage, especially Ms Liu

**Fresh Bakery and Cafe for their supply of vegan cupcakes, gingerbread folks, French bread, and other delicious items! Especially thanks to Ikea for her generous donation, Ravi for the personal delivery, and PAULA. Plus mystery donor!

**Snow Tsao for her Harmony Home initiative and her friends Joshua Tsao, Vivi Wu, Ribbon Hsieh.

**Animals Taiwan, especially Lorena Poitras and Liza Milne for some amazing gifts and in general, their year round love and support for Taiwan’s strays.

Each and every one of these that I credited also had helping hands behind them to support them. Thank you. Let’s continue to make 2014 a community effort and bring more love and kindness to everyone around us!