I take every workshop seriously and in every event I try to pick out unique blessings. There were so many for our first trip to Muh Siang 桃園縣私立睦祥育幼院!

Santa Jia-Xin gave us the opportunity to befriend the kids here, ranging from elementary school through high school age. It was also the first time we created a workshop with such a vast age difference but from my previous experience I know it doesn’t matter. As long as we put heart and effort into it we always end up enjoying each other’s company.

First meeting.
First introductions.
First laughter.
First Christmas ornaments.

First Christmas tree.
First gingerbread cookies.
First shared meal.
Our first-time Bright Side Projects teachers Snow and Yifan took time to curate a wonderful course. We learned that they didn’t have a Christmas tree so we bought one. However, it turned out someone else also had the same idea and brought one over and they gave me a call – but it was too late to return ours. So from no tree to two trees – us being strangers to now just semi-strangers and hopefully friends in the future. Then we decided hat better way then to personalize the tree with kids DIY décor? We packed creating DIY snowmen, Christmas ornaments, decorating gingerbread cookies, and creating a simple dinner with the kids here in 2 hours. Wrapped presents also made their way under the tree. I was not familiar with the kids but I hope that throughout 2014 I will have a chance to know them better and visualize their faces when I wrap the gifts this coming December.

During the gingerbread session we had one teenage suddenly tell us that our time together gave him a very warm feeling – this instantly filled my heart with happiness. That is the true purpose, not the gifts or anything we can buy, but the time spent together and the quality of our interaction!

Thanks to all supporters and contributors, as well as those who gave us even more décor for the trees. This weekend we will have our workshop in ChingChuan too!

Teachers: Snow Tsao, Yifan Chen
Volunteers: Paula Perry, Jeff Yang (Christmas Tree unpacker), Vivian Lee, Clint Siu
Photographer: Jon Burke

Date / Time: December 15th 2013 / 14:00-17:00
Location: 桃園縣私立睦祥育幼院 MuhSiang Pre-School
Kitchen Table:
1) Pasta with tomato sauce
2) Fruit salad with coconut milk
3) Garlic bread

Event Call-out: https://wp.me/p326jt-sA