What a delightful event that was hosted by Saladay at their Nanjing Concept Store! This is the second time we’ve collaborated with Saladay, the first time they provided a nutritious vegetarian lunch for us at our “Mini Me” paper workshop and this time played host to a holiday event. We had several meetings and came up with a small pre-Halloween fun in creating masks and vegan caramel apples with the children.

Additional accessories and costumes were borrowed from Carleen’s English School which made for a great mashup. The vegan caramel was created by big heart zombie CJ Laing! It’s always amazing when people are willing to put their time to give a little something to make an event for children even more magical.

To top it all off, a spooky delicious meal prepared by the Saladay chef Josh Kuo.


Mouthwatering vegan caramel apples (gummy worms not so much) were created by the children who got to take them home after the fun!

Delicious food crafted cleverly into Halloween-esque style awaited us at the end of the activities. Thanks so much to Saladay for this opportunity!

餐桌美食 Kitchen Table: Josh Kuo

攝影師 Photographers: Jon Burke, Tako
志工 Helping Hands: Yifan Chen, Penny Wang, Vivi Shi Abby, Penny, Cindy, Kate, Gaspard Shih, Alvin Chang

Event Purpose: Opportunity for kids, parents, volunteers, to learn and enjoy a fun Halloween in creations of treats and food with SALADAY.

活動宗旨: 讓小朋友、家長和志工一起學習自己動手做點心並且享受和Saladay一起創作餐點的過程。


活動地點:SALADAY 南京概念店台北市松山區南京東路4段168號

人數限制:12 小朋友

也開放志工報名!需要一位攝影師,一位志工幫小朋友一起做面具,焦糖蘋果, 佈置,等等。

Date/Time: October 27th, 2013
Location: Salady Concept Store, 168 Nanjing East Road Section 4

For more about Saladay, please click here and here for their Facebook.