“The children are so dedicated and have such a passion to learn, however, I could feel that in their hearts they also really want someone to be by their side”

—大朋友 Chelsea Huang / -First Time Big Friend Chelsea Huang


“This is my first time to join an event and realized that I could just be my regular self with the children, there was no need to act or pretend to be any different. My boyfriend who joined me that day was at first hesitant against joining the workshop but after today said he was open to coming back!”

—大朋友Meg Lien / – First Time Big Friend Meg Lien

「我很喜歡你們每次的課都會帶入一些富有教育意義的議題,真的很棒!」“I really liked that in each edu-course, there’s an aspect of teaching the kids something new, it’s really fantastic!”

— 嚮光協會理事 / 大朋友 Jerry Liu / – Bright Side Projects Board of Director / Big Friend – Jerry Liu








老師 TeacherPaula Perry: https://brightside.tw/helping-hands-paula-perry/
助理 Teacher Assistant: Sarah Perry
攝影師 Photographer:Daisy Lin
大朋友 Big Friends:Wendy (何宣緯),姜重伊,Silvia,陳智彥,Rufen Cheng,邱冠郡,Rhea Chou ,Jerry Liu, Meg Lien, Chelsea Huang, Wayne Hsu,

廚師 Chef:Sophie Hsu
贊助者 Sponsors: Teotihuacán, Josephine Cheng, 柯彥旭 Cashy Ko, Kaye Yuan, Norika Watanabe,Rufen Cheng, 吳妃琇 Carol Yu, 吳怜瑩, Anonymous1973 中華郵, Anonymous Marathoner, 游智翔, 林州長, 趙偉成 Jimmy, Anonymous7113 國泰世
特別感謝 Special Thanks: 睦祥育幼院, 劉緣玉, JImmy Peng, Edney Yang
更多照片 More Images: https://goo.gl/xQ3yKH
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We are so honored that Teacher Paula made time for us so that kids could learn how to make colorful pinatas again! Before the class began, we had a presentation to show the kids that explained the actual origins of the holiday that is celebrated called “Cinco de Mayo” and how it became to be only popular in the United States and not in Mexico. Capitalism, commodification, commercialization, and the effects of caricaturization were explored with the children.

We began the numerous steps to pinata creation, getting the kids to sketch and then pick out recycled cardboard with their Big Friends, cutting and then the tedious task of papering. At lunch break we enjoyed a delicious plant-based meal hand-made by Sophie sponsored by her Mexican restaurant Teotihuacán. Kids had the opportunity to create guacamole and listened very intently, assisting through all the cutting and chopping of ingredients.

Stunning photos of the kids and their pinata masterpieces were taking with the backdrop artwork courtesy of Edney Yang. There were many memorable moments throughout the day but of course, the highlight was taking their turn with the baseball bat on the summery watermelon pinata created by Teacher Paula and Teacher Assistant Sarah.

Instead of simply stuffing it with only plastic wrapped candies, we decided to go more environmentally friendly and fun by using our excess cardboard pieces with numbers written on it. Each number represented something – from a vegan chocolate chip cupcake, or an activity such as leap frog, dance, or song, the kid would have to perform. Was a wonderful way to end the day burning energy and with laughter.

Through food and creation in our unique edu-course, it was a fun and interactive way for us to bring a slice of a foreign culture that kids might not have had the chance to learn about or experience. We hope to be able to bring more activities and diverse opportunities to kids so please support us!