Liza Milne

Liza Milne 投入了他的一生在幫助台灣流浪貓狗上,從救援、募款、照護、訓練到領養樣樣都來。
出生於英國 在台灣長大的Liza,他的名字已經與「動物救援」畫上等號。過去20年,任何在這個領域的人,都仰賴著他不屈不撓的力量和熱情還有啟發,更多的是如何不放棄。
一直以來Liza 都是嚮光協會很重要的支持,因爲他所做的一切都來自純粹的愛和關懷。就像上千隻他自己親手拯救的狗狗,我們很高興他跟我們在一起,希望能夠教導下一個世代,去尊重浪浪,同理和理解牠們。
他現在與瑪麗愛狗協會(Mary’s Doggies) 一同努力,讓這個世界變成更友善毛孩子的地方。
Liza Milne has dedicated her entire life to helping the stray dogs and cats of Taiwan through rescue, fundraising, care, training, and adoption.
Born in the UK, Liza grew up in Taiwan and has become synonymous with the term “animal rescue.” In the past two decades, anyone involved in the field looks to her for undeterred strength, passion, and inspiration on how to never give up.
Liza has been a source of strength for Bright Side Projects as everything she does she does out of pure love and kindness. Much like the thousands of dogs she has single-handedly rescued, we are so happy to have her with us and hopefully teaching the next generation to respect and treat strays with compassion and understanding.
She now works with Mary’s Doggies making the world a better place for our furry friends.