Iven Di (Oven, 芒果)

Iven是一個住在台北的工業設計師, 每天都在創造一些精美的高科技產品。他對永續環保. 保育. 動物救援. 及幫助讓一些好的事情得以實現抱有熱情。他喜歡爬山, 騎腳踏車, 和純素披薩。他有一個偉大的計劃, 想要消失在森林中再也不回到世俗世界, 並開始一個純素性質, 融合永續栽培及設計的農場。

Iven Di is an industrial designer based in Taipei, spending his days engineering functional and beautiful high tech products. He is passionate about sustainability, conservation, animal rescue and helping out with great causes. He enjoys hiking, cycling, and vegan pizza, and has big plans for disappearing into the woods and never returning or starting a veganic permaculture farm.