Mohan Huang 黃亞中

黃亞中 Mohan Huang




Mohan is a graduate of SooChow University in the Department of English & Literature. He continued his studies at Taiwan National Sports University, focusing on subjects related to pertinent to the skill set of a sports coach including exercise physiology, sport psychology, and the qualities of a collegiate basketball team coach.

While at University his involvement in basketball showed him the development of a person and the relationship between people on and off the courts. This sport became an avenue that not only provided him with life lessons but also solidified friendships with those he might have otherwise not have met. Through basketball he has gained so much and it is also through basketball and the love of sports transcending arbitrary restrictions, Mohan wants to hone the playing skills of the tribe youth. This way they may also be given the opportunity to commence on their own a fantastic life journey!

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A few shots of Coach Mohan and the kids from ChingChuan!