Hooting Happiness 呼喚幸福的Fukurou

一個9歲的小孩,我問她什麼是家的感覺? 她指著睦祥育幼院一樓牆上的那個圖說:『就是”家in睦祥”的那個圖阿!有一個房子,我們都在那個房 子裡面很幸福的樣子。 』我想了想,問她:『你知道什麼是代表幸福的動物嗎?』她搖搖頭。於是我跟她說了貓頭鷹的故事,她說她也很喜歡貓頭鷹,就這樣我們一起畫了幾隻貓頭鷹。貓頭鷹的日語發音-

“I asked Sharon, who was 9 years old, how does she feel about “home”? She pointed to a house drawn on the wall of MuHsiang’s current residence and said that this is her home. “Everyone who lives in MuHsiang is happy!” I gave deep thought to this for awhile and continued to ask her, “Do you know which animal represents happiness?” She shook her head. I began to tell her the story of owls while we sketched together, an animal she also liked.

FUKUROU有著『幸福吧!』的意思,它在希臘神話裡被稱為『呼喚幸福的鳥』並且被人們所信任,我希望能夠將貓頭鷹所擁有的這個正面訊息,傳遞在這次為 孩子們創作的牆面上,讓他們知道自己仍然擁有幸福的, 是迎向光明而且被賦予滿滿的愛。在畫面上,我會劃上各種不同的貓頭鷹,而每一個樣貌不同的貓頭鷹,都代表著守護著這群孩子們的聖鳥,他們集合在一起,將能 夠幸福的信念穩穩的守護在睦祥育幼院之中。

The word “owl” in Japanese is FUKUROU, the very word sounding like “happiness.” In Greek mythology, they harken in happiness and also symbolize wisdom. I hope that the owls I create for Sharon will deliver a positive message that they can see every day – that they have and deserve happiness. They will be fully loved and enveloped by brightness in their future. In their home, I will create various kinds of owls. These sacred owls will guard the children. As a stabilizing force, they will reside in the room and watch over MuHsiang’s new home and all the children and people there.

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Photos courtesy Starry Cheng, Ken Photography and 小強。