jia-xinSanta Jia-Xin Rosenberg

Born in Taiwan 2005
Being loved in Canada

If there were fairy godmothers that could grant wishes, one of the wishes I would grant to the children of the world would to be for them to have the generous loving heart of Jia-Xin. At such an early age she has reached such an awakening of wanting to give back – this not beyond her years but an enlightenment that most of us fail to achieve in a lifetime. She has inspired and touched many with this simple dream.

Jia-Xin’s father contacted me via email, asking if I could fulfill a wish for his little girl. Adopted from Taiwan, she felt she never celebrated Christmas when she was in the country. Now that she had experienced the holidays with a loving family, she wanted to be able to provide gifts to those who would gain the most from a little warmth during this season.


Over thirty people were involved in aiding to the donations that started with the wish of one little girl. Over a dozen “adult” volunteers were involved in the workshops. Five households, 20 kids directly impacted the days of gifting and workshop – who knows how this joy reverberated beyond to others? What is so important is beyond just having love in her heart, Jia-Xin vocalized her wish. Her loving parents Jeremy and Tracie listened to their child and took action to make it all possible. Thank you!

You can read more about her dream and how it unfolded into reality via Bright Side below:

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