We love having events that are conceptualized and created by the community for the community!  Bright Side Projects was privy to a heartwarming fundraising event created by Hej Green with an amazing turnout in Taichung’s VeganDay.

Over 40 eateries were coordinated to provide a spread of their plant-based masterpieces for charity. By donating a jaw-dropping assortment of plant-based creations, it showed that compassion can and should take place from plastic free packaging to cruelty free ingredients.

Thank you to each person that participated; for each meal that was purchased, we are able to not only provide Bright Side child with a plant-based meal but support creative education, and instill a sense of social awareness and kindness. 

Thank you to Chelsea from Hej Green for making this happen, and everyone in the community that made the impossible, possible! We were able to connect with the community and find that we all came together for one single goal through the same means: we know that the children are loved and supported. Look out on this space for our future collaborations through #EatforLove !

You can support Bright Side kids all year long and join us on their life journey here: https://brightside.tw/donate
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我們都愛由社區人們聯合發起而舉辦的社區活動!嚮光受邀參與了由Hej Green主辦於台中 VeganDay 的愛心募款活動。

活動當天超過40間知名餐廳共同為了公益慈善,提供了自家植物性基底的代表餐點。透過捐贈令人驚豔的蔬食創作,同理心可以也應該展現在無塑料包裝及動物友善的食材上。 感謝與會的每個人,您當天購買的每一份餐點不僅能夠為嚮光的孩子們提供穩定的營養蔬食餐點,而且也同時支持兒童創意教育、社會意識、及良善的心。

特別感謝Chelsea及所有在幕後共同籌備的朋友們。「為愛而吃」活動讓我們能夠連結社區中的人們,並共同為一個目標齊心努力:孩子們是被愛且被支持著的。持續關注這個空間,我們未來將繼續透過#為愛而吃 繼續合作!




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