We are heading to Miaoli YuAn Children’s home the day before Mother’s Day!( English below)
教育/技能:藝術,烘焙, 紙模塗鴉藝術家
地點: 苗栗幼安教養院/苗栗縣苗栗市新英里17鄰新英105號
日期/時間:5/13 ; 11:00 - 16:00 (9:00從台北出發)
課程費用 (材料,純素中餐,不包含交通): 100, 200, 300
報名方式 (5/7前報名 / 限制: 10位大朋友) :
1. 必須填 : https://goo.gl/PRs9kj
2. 嚮光會跟你聯絡確認報名資料,交通方式課程4天前會再次做確認。
更多: https://www.facebook.com/events/463367290672457/
贊助這趟課程:(台幣25,000元 )
銀行代號 012
帳號: 4901 0202 2421
PayPal: brightside.tw@gmail.com
We are going to have a special day with kids at YuAn children’s home who couldn’t go home to celebrate the holiday with their family. They will create their own design paper carving/stencils and use them to make unique sugar powder patterns on
self-made vegan pancakes!!! Join us now!
Kids will learn:
Education/Skills: cooking, stencil art, graffiti
Interpersonal Skills: Teamwork, presentation skills
Big Friend Tasks: working in teams, safety of kids using art knife, creating delicious food
Date: 5/13 Sunday 11:00 - 16:00(9:00 leaving Taipei)
Location:Yu An Children’s Home/No.105, Xinying, Miaoli City, Miaoli County
How to Register (RSVP before 5/7 ; Maximum 10 pax)
1. Must fill out google form: https://goo.gl/PRs9kj
2. We will confirm your spot within 72 hours and rideshare info approximately 1 week beforehand.
More: https://www.facebook.com/events/463367290672457/
Workshop Sliding Scale Fee: 100, 200, 300NT covers workshop materials plus #plantbased lunch for you and the kids! Not inclusive of transportation.
Only through your support can we continue to move forward, please consider donating to Bright Side Projects. Your generous support of just $500 NT / $15 USD a month provides a hot plant-based meal for child, $1000 NT / $30 USD goes to funding an educational creative workshop that nurtures the mind and soul. Sponsor this workshop; $25,000 NT