We’re very pleased to bring our next collaboration event to you! I’ve had several meetings with the great people at SALADAY to procure this fun event so hope that kids and adults alike will enjoy it.

第一次的 “Saladay 怪奇恐怖萬聖節”來囉! 歡迎小朋友們一起參與我們的藝術及手做活動,還可享用點心和美味可口的Saladay 萬聖節晚餐喔!

Here comes the first “Very Spooky SALADAY Halloween. We welcome kids to join us for arts and crafts, treats, and a very spooky delicious dinner at SALADAY.


Event Purpose: Opportunity for kids, parents, volunteers, to learn and enjoy a fun Halloween in creations of treats and food with SALADAY.

活動宗旨: 讓小朋友、家長和志工一起學習自己動手做點心並且享受和Saladay一起創作餐點的過程。


活動地點:SALADAY 南京概念店台北市松山區南京東路4段168號
人數限制:12 小朋友

也開放志工報名!需要一位攝影師,一位志工幫小朋友一起做面具,焦糖蘋果, 佈置,等等。

Date/Time: October 27th, 2013
Location: Salady Concept Store, 168 Nanjing East Road Section 4
Age: 7-12 years old
Maximum Capacity: 12 kids

We’re also opening two spots for volunteers! One photographer and one workshop aide to assist with creating masks, caramel candy, setup, etc!

For more about Saladay, please click here and here for their Facebook.