We need your support! 贊助嚮光協會!
參考我們12月舉辦的課程!下載 Download the sponsorship pdf for our Artistic Expression class now to spread the word! Watch the video from our December workshop here!


Through this 3-course Artistic Expression Through Motion workshop, children will learn observation of inanimate and animate objects; interaction with others; self-awareness of their own body and movements. Your support is desperately needed to fuel the creation of quality workshops for the communities and to further stimulate volunteer involvement.

* 支付志工、老師及部落聯絡人目前需負擔的開銷。
* 支付志工及部落孩童營養午餐費用
* 讓更多孩子、志工及社區都能夠參與課程,因為報名的小朋友、老師及人數越來越多了!

* Offset some of the voluntary expenses undertaken by volunteers, teachers, and our hosts.
* Purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables for nutritious lunches from our Kitchen Table for the kids and the volunteers.
* Expand our workshops to involve more children, volunteers, and communities. Every workshop we at are at maximum capacity!

Any amount helps to create a space, time, platform for interaction and communication. Thank you so much for your generosity and donation!


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銀行代號 Bank : 012
帳號 Account: 7261 6829 1508
Swift Code: TPBKTWTP
Address: No.266, Sec. 2, Beisin Rd., Sindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan

PayPal: brightside.tw@gmail.com

Submit your generous donations and then shoot an email with your Name, Date & Amount of Transfer, Transfer Code, to brightside.tw@gmail.com. For a receipt provide your Address and Contact Number. 轉帳或匯款之後請將您的姓名、轉帳日期、轉帳金額、銀行代號、帳號後五碼等資訊寄到brightside.tw@gmail.com以便我們進行確認。若需收據,請提供聯絡地址及電話。