Today we switched between making vegan pizzas and creating wind chimes from recycled items! As part of a mini It’s A Vegan Affair event, a few of us had learned to make pizzas and wanted to share our newfound skills with others.

We split up into groups and got our hands into water and dough after some explanation of what was to follow. While we waited for the dough to rise we led the group into our next activity of creating wind chimes from recycled materials. We learned that coal, fossil fuel, and nuclear energy are not the only alternatives that we have but explained that wind could also manufacture energy – for this project resulting in the delightful chimes from their art projects. LongLong was one of our great artists from the BUILD A HOME project and took on the task for this.

Everyone was given time to walk around the children’s home and collect branches, sticks, cans, or anything that could possibly be used for the wind chimes. The craft project was supplemented with paint, saws, drills, yarn, bells, retired spoons, and other knick-knacks. Kids and big friends created some very novel wind chimes to decorate their homes!

By this time the dough was ready. For pizza toppings we featured chopped up vegan sausages, Daiya cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other fresh vegetables as the artistic tools for their blank pizza canvases. Since we did not have one big oven, we had to alternate between 2-3 mini ovens to get roughly 25 pizzas out for lunch. Supplemented with a very special Saladay pasta that was tailored just for vegans, we had one of the most amazing meals and also a nice day.

We also want to wish a very happy birthday to LongLong!



Bright Side Projects is pleased to announce that going forth, we will challenge ourselves to prepare and provide only delicious, nutritious plant-based meals at our events. If you’d like to support us, please contact us and find more details on our website!

Kitchen Table:

All plant based (no meat, eggs, dairy, or animal by-products)
Fresh mini pizzas – made by the children themselves
Tomato based tri-colored pasta
Vegetable and mandarin orange salad sponsored by SALADAY
Seasonal fruit salad with coconut milk

Teacher: LongLong Hsu
Big Friends: Grace Hsu吳孟娟Lynn Lin鄭如棻 六樓鐵皮, 蘇家儀, 蔡宗佑, Anna Friedrich, 郁家驊, 陳怡采, 陳柏吟
Lead Photographer: Chloe Wu
Benefactors: 捷式股份有限公司, Victoria Choa, Hans Tsay, Anonymous (J.C)
Kitchen Table: SALADAY
Special Thanks: MuHsiang Children’s Home, SALADAY, Kaye Yuan, Josh Kuo, Stef Pei, Scott Hsu

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