Our second trip back to MuHsiang was just as amazing as our first. With the Lunar New Year in Taiwan, there was a bit of a delay in rounding up everyone’s time and heading back. But there was no doubt in anyone’s mind about returning.

We only had a few hours to make the most of our time with kids. What better way that to share food and connect? When I first made mini pizzas for lunch, it turned out so beautifully that I decided to give it a go once with kids here. This time it would be paired with delicious pumpkin soup from Fresh Bakery & Café. Our fruit salad was switched up to a drizzle of greek yogurt swirled with honey. Dessert was a wonderful dark chocolate fondue, melted from chocolate chunks, with fresh fruit.

Both new and return volunteers worked hard in the kitchen to slice, dice, and prepare all the ingredients for the mini pizzas. Frozen English muffins torn apart to be toasted beforehand, ready for the kids to smear tomato paste on and decide what they wanted as toppings. We perfectly coordinated prep time for pizza in the kitchen with fun activities going concurrently.

Teacher Ripper join us again to introduce stop motion animation to the kids and shoot them playing a game of Red Light, Green Light.

In addition to our packed schedule, we had another special surprise today. One of our long-term volunteers and founding members, 鄭又綺, celebrated her birthday on this day. She didn’t tell us that it was her birthday but we found out. Jeff Yang and I arranged surprise vegan strawberry cake through Fresh Bakery & Café, kept in my car until the end of the day. This was brought out after lunch accompanied by two swirly lit candles. We sang Happy Birthday watched as the look dawned on her face who the cake was for, her eyes glowing with tears. 鄭又綺 made an amazing mini speech about how happy she was to be sharing this day everyone.

Happy Birthday dear 鄭又綺~!! Photo Courtesy 鄭又綺

Happy Birthday dear 鄭又綺~!!
Photo Courtesy 鄭又綺

The founders at MuHsiang invited us to head to the theaters with them to watch movies but unfortunately most of us had prior arrangements. Next time we’ll definitely be sure to leave post workshop hours open.The day ended far too quickly!

Kitchen Table Lunch: Kid created mini pizzas, vegan pumpkin soup with apples, Greek & honey yogurt seasonal fruit salad, dark chocolate fondue with fresh fruit

Teacher: Ripper Tsou
Photographers: Jonathan Burke, 鄭又綺
: Jerry Liu, Adan Wu, Julie Shih, Yifan Chen, Jeff Yang, 李惠雯 (Vivian Lee)
Kitchen Table Sponsor: Fresh Bakery & Cafe (vegan pumpkin soup and strawberry cake )

Date: 2014 February 8th (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 – 13:00 (exact time TBC)
Location: Taoyuan Muhsiang Orphanage 桃園縣睦祥育幼院

Tasks: Hang out with and chat with kids for a few hours, help prep pizza ingredients, make pizzas, create fruit skewers, and a surprise Love Day craft.

Sliding Scale Fee System: $200, 300, 400
This includes lunch for both you and the children. Rideshare is separate, $100 NT per person RT from Taipei.

How to sign up?
1. Email me first at brightside.tw (at) gmail.com
2. Read and register here: https://goo.gl/BdVhGi

More on MuHsiang: https://sites.google.com/site/muhsiangchild/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/415729338558530/
Bright Side Website Event Call-Out: https://brightside.tw/2014-28-迷你pizza-3-睦祥育幼院-love-mini-pizzas-at-muhsiang-orphanage/