Snow and I returned for our third year consecutive year creating Christmas Eve crafts at Harmony Home. It’s become a tradition that we hope to continue and be able to invite more people along so they can also become friends with everyone here!

Everyone had the chance to create their own mini Christmas trees from clay. Having an event with kids in all different age ranges did not prove to be a challenge since we had so friends join us and could each create alongside with the kids. Hues of pinks, greens, whites, yellows, were also combined to create new vibrant colors for the trees. At the end the kids “planted” their mini trees together.

This year Jia-Xin’s Toys for Taiwan also supported us so we could provide supplies for the workshop. We also had a generous benefactor+helping hand that not only funded us, but was there with clay sculpting tools in hand and a warm heart to help some of the smaller children create their trees. Thank you everyone!

Benefactor: 黃仲豪, Santa Jia-Xin
Lead Teacher: Snow Tsao
Helping Hands: 周純卉, 黃仲豪, 蔡私函, Joshua Tsao, 林沁
Main Photographer: Jon Burke

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