A super fun class! Video HERE

This was a pretty special class in part due to our newcomer teacher Clint Siu. He first contacted me via email, asking to volunteer with kids. After our initial trip to Harmony Home (his first time volunteering with children) and a pilgrimage to Animals Taiwan (first time walking a dog) were made, discussions for doing a workshop for kids progressed. Because of Clint, it really brought me back remembering the original mission of Bright Side: volunteer involvement with local communities. It shows that anyone with the heart and dedication can do something positive. People sometimes limit themselves because they fear they do not know enough.

Over the course of several meetings and emails in which we altered, modified, tailored the workshop, he overcame his alleged “deficiencies” or fears. On August 17th it was not a successful workshop that was produced. It was a wonderful and magical experience that was created.

Volunteer Jeff took helm of the kitchen and the most expansive Kitchen Table lunch menu was cooked. Meanwhile volunteers hacked recycled bottles in half and cut up boxes so the volcanoes would have a background setting for the short film to be shot. Kids crumbled up tin foil around the bottle to form a mountain shape, solidified by home-made clay (thanks to Clint and Cream of Tartar). Then spent time painting the mountain and creating the scenery of clouds for the film shoot. Paula brought a bagful of dinosaurs so everyone got to pick one as lead actors for the spot.

When snack time came purple dinosaur eggs were inhaled by the children who were first eager to learn where I found the eggs and secondly, what would happen if they ate them.

Photo courtesy 鄭又綺

Photo courtesy 鄭又綺

Kids came up with their own storyboards, with one group creating a pre-historic love story. The concoction of red vinegar, baking soda, phone cameras, art made for a fun afternoon in ChingChuan!

Check out the video by clicking on the image below!

Photo courtesy 蘇嘉琦

Photo courtesy 蘇嘉琦

The finale of Diet Coke and Mentos explosion was the cherry on top! One of the volcanoes was packed away and taken home, along with baking soda and red vinegar so the kids could continue the fun at home. Happy kids means happy volunteers.


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Mad Scientist Part II: Erupting Volcanoes!

Potential in the world is limitless and kids can grow up to do great things! This course will give kids a better understanding the earth we live on and how science, chemistry, and volcanoes are a part it. During this fun class we will hand-build and paint paper-mache volcanoes and concoct formulas for the volcanic explosion! Kids will be able to create and shoot a mini-story which will be edited into a short film.

Location: Taoshan Youth Cultural Center in ChingChuan, Hsinchu
地點: 新竹縣五峰鄉桃山村 桃山 活動中心
老師 Lead Teacher: Clint Siu
Benefactor 贊助者: 王常彪 Greg Wang

Kitchen Table: Jeff Yang
Flyer 海報: Sara Chien
Helping Hands: Paula Perry, Sarah Perry, James Teng, Yifan Chen, Angela Lin, Tristen Lin, Joseph Colby, Rita Yeh, 蘇嘉琦

Photographers: Jon Burke 白炯涵, 蘇嘉琦, 鄭又綺

Purpose: to trigger an interest in science through artistic creations of mini volcanoes while understanding the fundamental principles of chemistry at work.

Kids will Learn:
Science, chemistry, teamwork, creativity, science, story-telling, photography, short film

Kitchen Table Lunch:
Molten Lava Cheese fondue dip with dinosaur bread, mini potatoes, broccoli, pears, apples, Pasta with vegetable toppings
Noodles with vegetable toppings
Fresh Fruit salad with coconut milk
Molten Lava Fried Rice
Molten watermelon & pineapple juice

Kitchen Table Snack:
Purple Cabbage Dinosaur Eggs