Helping Hands

Just as different communities have different needs, each of us possesses a different set of skills and toolbox. We are always in need of a Helping Hands, whether you have something you want to share with the children, be a volunteer at workshops or even with logistical planning and blossoming of Bright Side Projects. Connect with us.

Create a workshop or come along and spend a day with us on one that’s planned.
Read up on from past events to see what we’ve done and sign up!

Stop Motion Animation Workshop

Stop Motion Animation Workshop – Volunteer Wrangler

Some niches to fill include volunteer teachers, teacher’s aides, kitchen angels, documenters, or anything that you can think of – there are no limits. Our neighborhood has room for you and can contribute to your growth and honing of skills. Full credit is given to anyone who wants to join in and contribute. Learning and spending time in itself is a process that is defined as a contribution. Join us and begin this remarkable journey of bonding.

Meet some of the the people in our Neighborhood. Other volunteer opportunities can always be found on the Handful of Sapphires sister site.