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許芳宜 Ivy Hsu




Sharing the same name [許芳宜] as a famous dancer has a myriad of benefits. Privacy is left intact with the difficulty to properly “googling” the “right” person. When exchanging business cards, one can play a game in surmise the receiver’s knowledge of the fine arts. There are only pros and no cons.

This lover of the movies and novels was born in the fall of 1979. The word Creativity shares the same platform as her ability to take over the microphone at such an early age. A part of both skills are innate but we continuously hone our talents harder to make it even better.

English name: Ivy. Due to poor English skills as a youth, a longer name would have been too difficult to spell. Thus a kindhearted teacher provided one that was short and simple to remember.

Next workshop on 11/30: 藝術,讓愛發聲 II Advocacy Through Art II – Ad(venture) Creation!