I Choose Love

What choice will you make today for the future of our children? 
Kelly Lin and Shu Qi choose love. 

Bright Side Projects’ Choose Love campaign marks the first time award nominated and winning actors Kelly Lin and SQ will pair up for a charitable cause to show children they are loved and that they matter.  

Our “Choose Love” campaign urgently requires donations so Bright Side Youth in indigenous areas and children’s homes can continue year-long programs providing  nutritious plant-based lunches, access to education in small class sizes, and work opportunities. Funds also fuels uniquely tailored socialization opportunities instilling confidence, aids young adults in emotional management, promotes gender equity, and builds communication skills that better adaptability in society.  

What we do we do with love, for love, for the children. They deserve to not only survive but to thrive. Choose love, choose Bright Side, and give our youth the chance at a brighter future. If you have 500NT a month or would like to become a sponsor, it would give the children a future to look forward to and give back to society.

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Behind the Scenes Video

I Choose Love

Let the children know that you and the world loves them. Submit your kind words and name along your kind donation.

500 NT a month feeds nutritious plant-based meal for one  child
1500 NT provides creative education camp for one child
5000 NT supports education, life skills and confidence building internships

Credit Card: https://brightside.tw/donate
Taipei Fubon Bank  Code 012
Account No: 4901 0202 2421
(Account Name) 社團法人臺灣嚮光協會


Popular Funds

Creative Education:
Social Issues / Animal Welfare

Kids learn  about creative education and science through social issues. These are long term involvement in their lives teaching teamwork, building self confidence. Read more about our animal welfare series.

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Plant-based meals and year end food necessities

Meals are so important so that kids are able to concentrate while they learn and there’s no better way to teach compassion than to bond over a plant-based meal. We also are able to teach about empathy and environmental issues. We are Taiwan’s first and only educational charity that concurrently promotes plant-based meals and workshop materials.

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Life Skills:
Continued Education & Internship

We are involved in youth’s lives not just until they turn 18 but for the entire future. Your support funds educational scholarships, job opportunities, and life skills trainings. Read up about our Brighter Futures program!

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What is Bright Side Projects?

Created in 2012, “Bright Side Projects” is Taiwan’s first and only non-profit promoting empowerment through creation, plant-based foods, and connecting communities through content rich activities. Through our combined efforts providing a well-rounded support system for individuals, we empower the society as a whole to bring positive change to the world.

Who is Bright Side Projects?

Everyone can join our community to better the lives of those who need it. We are a grassroots local charity driven by volunteers and help from people like you!

our mission

Bright Side Projects provides tailored resources to individuals often inaccessible and presents content that rarely seen elsewhere to challenge the status quo of society. The social interaction that the children and Big Friends have is priceless paving not only an outlet for healthy communication and expression of ideas, but shows them that someone is here for them and cares for them. We are dedicated to empowering communities by connecting them to dismantle discrimination, intolerance, sexism, racism, sexual assault, with a pro-intersectional approach to topics in the classroom and in life. Plant-based meals are freshly prepared and workshop materials use upcycled items with no animal byproducts whenever possible.


We provide plant-based meals that are freshly prepared oftentimes with the children. Learning and being able to control what one eats creates an understanding of where food comes from and empowers one to make a choice of what you eat. We are Taiwan’s only vegan charity that provides meals to underserved communities.


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We are working to provide a complete support system for individuals of all ages and work with partners and volunteers to do so – from age 5 and continue onto their life long journey whether it’s cyberbullying, warm plant-based meals, job interviews, setting up an email, using a band-aid, food staples, glasses, educational scholarships, we have our kids covered just like we would want for our own children.

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