Palm Tree B&B has been a wonderful supporter of Bright Side workshops in ChingChuan. Not only do they have a lovely cafe with delicious food and a setting overlooking the romantic greenery slopes, but clean n cozy rooms! This gem of a B&B is our gold star benefactor.

Palm Tree B&B 棕櫚居屋

Official Website :
Phone 電話:0911-255766
Fax 傳真:03-5856008
Cellular 手機:0911-255766
Address 地址:新竹縣五峰鄉桃山村16鄰清泉263號 (Wufeng Township, Taoshan Village, Neighborhood 16 ChingChuan, # 263).

They’re pretty close uphills of a small path near the Taoshan Elementary School and hot springs. A cute little map and directions here, plus it’s right next to the writer San Mao’s home. Be sure to buy discount tickets for your hot springs from the establishment to enjoy a 130NT soak!