Time really flies – it’s our third holiday season of cooperating with Jia-Xin and her family to make her wish come true! It’s hard to imagine that we would also finally meet in Berkeley this October as they happened to have moved to the United States from Canada! Hopefully we can secure our goal of $1,500 USD this year and keep our momentum going. Thanks everyone for their support in the past years. 時間過的太快了,已經是JIAXIN跟我地三年合作了!沒想到今年10月份去了美國也終於有機會跟JIAXIN還有他家人”face to face“認識~他家人也剛好從加拿大幫到加州!
這三年來謝謝大家的支持, 希望我們今年也可以達到目標!今年最少需要1500美金(45000台幣)!



What is a 6 year old girl’s wish?

六歲女孩的希望是什麼? 美麗的蓬蓬裙還是開心的遊樂園之旅?

Jia-Xin and her dad, Saint Jeremy !

去年我們了實現她的願望,並且轉交JIAXIN準備的禮物和日常所需品(例如:食物,毛巾,夾克等。 )給需要的孩子們。由於HOLIDAY的意義不只是送禮物,更重要的是大家一起過冬至·。因此,今年我們策劃了一個焦糖蘋果工作坊和還子一起歡度冬至。

JIAXIN2013年的影片: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUvpKftTeRM
從海外捐款您可以到 https://www.toysfortaiwan.org/

台灣國內捐款可提供您賬號,我們的電子信箱為:Brightside.tw (at) gmail.com

2012一起做純素杯子蛋糕工作坊: https://wp.me/p326jt-84 及2013薑餅人: https://wp.me/p326jt-uO


Our first year in ChingChuan! 第一年主要去清泉很孩子過這個季節~

Our second year continues with ChingChuan families with delicious vegetarian food cooked by SALADAY and we were able to include Taoyuan MuHsiang’s Children’s Home. 第二年預算讓我們認識更多清泉的孩子,歡迎他們一起來用SALADAY現場準備的素食餐,還有桃園睦祥育幼院的朋友!

JiaXin is a generous warmhearted little girl who was adopted from Taiwan and is now living in Canada. By a “chance” email back in November JiaXin’s father contacted me and asked me to fulfill a wish for his then little 6 year old girl.

Believing she never celebrated the holidays when she was in Taiwan, she wanted to be able to provide gifts to those who would benefit the most from a little warmth during the festive season.

For the past two years we were able to fulfill her wish via delivery of needed items (food, blankets, jackets) and gifts to the children. Since the holidays is not about material things, but also about spending time together, last year we created vegan cupcake workshop to spend time with the kids and the next year vegan gingerbread cookies. This winter solstice we’re looking at making some delicious caramel apples.

We are looking for your support and donation to make this dream come true again for 2014! Last year $1500 Canadian Dollars was raised – we hope to raise at least $1,500 USD this year.

From abroad you can donate at https://www.toysfortaiwan.org/
or in Taiwan let us know the amount brightside.tw@gmail.com and check here for bank details.

Message from JiaXin in 2013: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUvpKftTeRM

Facebook:Toys for Taiwan
Past Reports on this:https://brightside.tw/tag/santa-jia-xin/

2012 vegan cupcake workshop: https://wp.me/p326jt-84 and the gingerbread decorating in 2013: https://wp.me/p326jt-uO

Credit to Melissa Ross

Credit to Melissa Ross

On December 14th we are going to be doing a fun holiday tie-dye workshop with kids at the MuHsiang Children’s Home.
On December 21st we hope to have some people join us for the gift and necessities delivery and also a similar tie-dye workshop in ChingChuan. To subscribe to our mailing list for this and future updates, go here.




第一年大部份是在交通(清泉離臺北有一段距離,去年也不只一輛車就有辦法把買的物質送得了),食物上面,溫暖的新衣服夾克,小禮物。 也有一部分是花在WINTER課程上面因為希望孩子不會認為季節只是有禮物可以收但是是大家一起畫的時間比較寶貴!

In 2012 funds were roughly split into four major segments ; approximately a quarter on staple foods, warm clothes (jackets), and small gifts (Christmas stockings, stocking stuffers, wrapping paper, cards inclusive). The remainder was utilized to implement the 2.5 hour each way delivery and Holiday workshops – because Christmas is about spending time together. Transportation is becoming a larger part as we cater to more kids, more families. Last year we needed 4 cars to deliver all the necessities and gifts to kids in ChingChuan whereas we squeezed into 1 the first year. Workshops take place on a completely different day as well.

Christmas Cheer Funds Allocation Pie





A couple images from Harmony Home in a vegan gingerbread / snow snowmen side workshop with Teacher Snow last year as we had some budget for this. Join us! 第二年也有機會去關愛之家跟小雪老師帶純素薑餅人及雪人的課程! 歡迎加入我們


* 12月份SANTA JIAXIN後若有剩餘款項,將留作支出嚮光協會日後的社會關懷活動。
* If there are remaining funds, they will go towards achieving the mission of Bright Side Projects future works in Taiwan.