Bright Side needs a fresh rotating roster of volunteer teachers to join our Neighborhood for its workshops! We are striving to host regular quality programs with high volunteer and community involvement. If you are passionate about making a difference and want to get involved, please contact us. You can read up on Bright Side to see what we’re all about. Below are just some suggestions – if you have more ideas or thoughts let us know!

WHAT WE NEED: A rotation of passionate volunteer teachers that can teach innovative and engaging courses on weekends. Prefer consecutive courses that can be taught in progression so children can build on their skills but I am also open to hearing fantastic ideas.



You can fill out the questionaire here now! 立參加

Music: Guitar 吉他 * Drumming 擊鼓
Performance: Dance舞蹈, Modern Dance現代舞, Karate空手道
Arts: Painting 藝術,畫畫 * Photography 攝影,
Crafts: Wood work木雕, print making版畫, ceramics陶土,
Culinary: Cooking, baking, 烹飪/烘烤
Technical: Video/film making 視頻/電影製作 * Website design 網站設計 graphic design圖像設計, animation動畫, computer skills, as appropriate 電腦技能
Other: Science courses科學, magic lessons魔術, etc

Examples in the past include Stop Motion Animation and Artistic Expression through Motion courses. Other projects in Hsinchu for kids have also included the Wufeng Project‘s Art Classes and Mad Scientist Lab.



Prefer consecutive courses that can be taught in progression so the children will build on their skills. This has panned out to approximately a workshop for a quarter. If you have a few people who can get together to teach the course you can also alternate shifts to head up there! Also, if you just send me an email with what you want to do I can probably match a few teachers up and we can see how to move forward to work together.

If it’s music lessons we prefer teachers to regularly teach approximately twice a month.



Egg parachutes! From a Mad Scientist class taught by Jack Sieber that I coordinated for Rangi Association in August.Photo courtesy Jon Burke 白炯涵

Egg parachutes! From a Mad Scientist class I coordinated for Rangi Association in August.
Photo courtesy Jon Burke 白炯涵

Venue, course materials. If needed, a team of passionate volunteers, logistics, project coordination, photographers.

There are dozens of cute kids in all ages and we can sort out additional volunteers to assist you and make this a fantastic project for all. We’ve had people volunteer before and they’ve walked away with an amazing experience to be able to show the youth and other volunteers their skills! The way forward into the future is developing a community and relationships with those around us.


Contact me now and fill out the questions here. If you want to include photography or sample of your past works that would be really great as well. Join our Neighborhood!

請與我們聯繫 也可以在這直接填資料。 歡迎提供個人作品供我們參考。