It would have been hard to imagine that after over a year on this amazing journey, so many things, including yoga, would come back full circle into my life.

When I first started volunteering and devoted more time to Bright Side Projects I invested all of my resources and time into my new life path. I altered my diet, forewent travel, unnecessary materialistic consumption, and became more conscious of choices that I made in how it affected the world around me. The change that I sought for the world I firmly believed would come through myself first. I was no longer doing yoga in a studio during this interim instead continuing my amateur practice at home.

When our generous Kitchen Table partner SALADAY told me of their upcoming fundraiser in conjunction with one of Taipei’s top yoga studios Pure Yoga and renowned Teacher Neil Barker, I was ecstatic! Who knew that yoga would be coming back to my life in this fashion and would make so much sense with what Bright Side was about? The ethos behind the practice of yoga in uniting body, mind, and spirit touches upon many principles behind Bright Side Projects. Our workshops are not just one-faceted events, nor a set of motions, but rather a series of moments focused on the experience and quality of interaction of all participants within. We hope that experience develops beyond understanding for simply ourselves but extends to positivity for others and Mother Earth.

There was no perfect way to combine this than paired with the food that we choose to consume. Everything and everyone is interconnected. SALADAY outreached to Bright Side Projects based on the work we do and how we did so via creativity in promoting delicious and nutritious vegetarian food.

My gratitude to Kaye Yuan and her team at Saladay, Pure Yoga, Teacher Neil Barker, and Carmex for their time and support. And many thanks to all who came to join in this special session. Let us continue to grow this community of sharing our love beyond the studio throughout Taiwan and to the world!

With the generous donations we will be able to support upcoming activities, including our dance and yoga workshop on June 15th in ChingChuan. We also hope to move onward in 2014 to a long-term program providing income accessible yoga to those who would benefit most. Thank you again!

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