What We Will Do





Our future goal goes in stride with our mission. Encourage participation and strive to expand both our capacity to strengthen relationships and empower communities. Pushing forward in the right direction for larger impact. Below are 2015 plans that will be achievable based on volunteers and proper funding. Within the organization we also hope to have the support of part-time staff. Increased man-power dedicated to Bright Side would ensure proper procedure, logistics, insurance, planning, are accounted and taken care of.

The first stages for each community always involves first engaging in the neighborhood with volunteers through general programs a refinement process, then an analysis of the specific needs of said community before proceeding further. Bright Side always works with the community; we do not dictate their needs.


*Increase both the quality and frequency of workshops and projects
*Increase individual community involvement by expanding our volunteer database.
*Increase groups of community involvement, assistance, synergy by outreaching and networking with NGOS, companies, and other organizations.
Resource allocation in providing immediate basic needs such as food, clothing, eye-wear service etc.
*Bright Side Basketball
*Plant-based meals at workshops; expansion to providing free plant-based meals throughout the country to those who would benefit the most.
*Expansion of workshops and projects to destinations throughout the country
*Expansion of national volunteer base
*Kickstart one-on-one mentorships via the “Face of the Youth” program
*Seek educational programs that provide skills training for empowerment of both communities and individuals