student: 周敬凱teacher/editor: Ripper Tsou

student: 周敬凱
teacher/editor: Ripper Tsou


“This is a story of my friend – went to play basketball met his friend and they played together participated in a competition and they won number one, the first prize! Then on the way home they ran into someone jumping “pong pong” jumping around and they ran away.”


As part of our 3 course stop motion animation workshop in ChingChuan (Hsinchu) with indigenous kids, took them through the fundamentals of stop motion animation to the kids!

Children participated in a 3-workshop course to learn the basics of stop motion animation through crafts and games. Piece by piece through art, photography, and creative story-telling, they will be able to see the working mechanisms of what it takes to create a short stop motion film. The first workshop after creating flip books and playing games, 10 of the children were given disposable cameras; then two weeks to take images; we developed the photos and took them back another workshop so they could cut, color, create their narrative.

Volunteers were on hand to encourage the children to be create and for this piece by 周敬凱, Ripper Tsou took approximately 2-3 hours to cut and create the board for shooting of this 28 second clip.

More details on the workshop here!

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