This was second trip up for our Artistic Expression through Motion workshop and we had a new teacher Sunteck Yao join us. This weekend we were blessed with perfect weather! Up to the mountains we went we were given about an hour and half to play with the children during one of their school sessions. Teacher Ichi warmed up the kids with a few simple exercises. Teacher Sunteck took over after.

One of the first exercises was to pretend that the kids had a ball and were throwing it in the air, watching it come back down. Utilizing creativity and observation, kids formed shapes out of “thin air.” The kids then each crafted a “heavy cauldron” and had to carry it across the field to our teacher Sunteck and volunteer Firat. Maintaining focus on the elements assigned to their imaginary objects proved difficult but fun for both kids and audience alike.

The second day was a bit chaotic, from kids bicycle crashes and band-aids. We also discovered that morning a dog had stolen eaten the kiln-baked soymilk bread I had bought from “料理最前線 Cooking At The Frontline.” Both teachers had a chance individually to teach the children. Sunteck had the kids focus on observation of every day objects, such as how a crumpled piece of paper or plastic would unfold and then to mimic this, expressing via their bodies.

There were cetainly a few hiccups this time; but since a handful of things were new risks were imminent. However, if we hold fear of failure as a reason to not try new things, we will never move forward but remain stagnant. After internal and external recaps plus revisions and retooling peoples to specific positions, I am positive the future will be even brighter!

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Summary: This time we have invited and we are so honored to have a new teacher Sunteck Yao on board along with our lovely Teacher Ichi Lin! Secondly, to enhance our neighborhood’s kitchen pantry, I have invited long-time friend and food justice activist Finn Cunningham (San Francisco) to consult our healthy lunch menu for the course.

Sunteck is a corporeal mime artist that spearheads L’Enfant Sauvage Physical Theatre. The theatre’s activities have captured hearts and creative minds of cities throughout Asia engaging in a stunning breadth of issues. Together with Teacher Ichi, we will follow onto the next level of observation, immersion, interaction, and expression with our bodies.

Purpose: We push through the usual conventional means of interpretation and expression by honing our senses to communicate in different ways with the body; and doing so along with the children.

Children Will Learn: Observation of inanimate and animate objects; interaction with others; morphing self-awareness of their own body and movements.

Lead Teachers: Sunteck Yao and Ichi Lin

Volunteers: James Teng, Mimi Chen, 江志康, 阿里斯, Firat Huang,Tristan Lin 林敬翔, Jon Burke, Sophie Chang,

Benefactors: Anonymous

Tasks: Assist the teachers with the kids activities and participate alongside with them. Various kitchen and meal tasks.

Lunch and Second Day Brunch:
Menu available here!

Location: ChingChuan, Hsinchu at the Taoshan Community Center

Event Callout: