Bright Side was invited to Tainan’s Ching Shan Elementary School for an Artistic Expression Through Motion workshop. A five-hour twisty road drive awaited us as we headed down southwestern Taiwan.

肢體生活營課程在5月10日~5月12日台南青山國小舉辦課程!很高興被邀請下去台南舉辦這堂課也感謝ICHI 還有 JAMES把他們的時間留下來一起去認識西拉雅族小朋友。 我們讓小朋友們到四周探險觀察,找到一樣平常生活中常常看到、常常遇見或常常經過的物體。或如同走廊,僅是A點到B點經過的場景,稱為 none-space, none-object),並將這些發現的場景或物體取名,與其建立朋友關係。接著觀察它、記錄它,最後在教室裡畫下它(輪廓線條)。 接著將這位新朋友 介紹給大家。 亦其老師會帶著大家統一暖身,然後分組。小朋友以身體模仿並描繪線條的方式介紹自己的新朋友,接著練習以調整流暢度。每組互相分享,如同新朋友與新朋友之間的對話。 這個活動將讓小朋友嘗試著將物體線條以身體的動態來展現圖畫以外的可能性。

We were excited to meet some of the sweetest kids who were eager to get to know us. The morning of the workshop some kids arrived 2 hours early and helped us set up the large room. When the workshop officially started, kids picked the volunteers they wanted to work with and together we walked out to the gardens to select their object “friend” to draw.

After 30 minutes we headed back to the classroom. Kids express their artistic prowess by transplanting their sketches onto large sheets of black paper.

Teacher Ichi focused even more narrowly on observation and the “expression through motion” this time around. She ensured both volunteers and kids drew their object “friends” from every angle. The performance comprised of exaggerated movements based on astute observation that defined the object’s size, shape, hardness level, and more. By the end of the first day, everyone was encouraged to share their drawing and perform their movements. They were treated with dark chocolate fondue on fresh fruit for their efforts!

The second day Teacher Ichi and James focused on combining individual performances into group performances. Kids learned the concept of space, observation of others, concept and utilization of space, and creative interaction. Masking tape was mapped out on the floor and children moved on the lines with their set of performances honed from the day before, careful to not bump into others. We ended on lunch break with fresh organic corn and organic red bean soup, planted and brought up from PingTung by amazing volunteer (also one of our head flyer designers) Sara Chien!

The special part of this 3 day 2 night workshop was the time we got to spend with the kids outside the classroom. Kids stayed late into the night and got to school early to hang out with the “old folks,” told us ghost stories about which bathrooms we shouldn’t be using, what part of the school we should stay away from during the night. We were told that we had actually spent our nights in a haunted room! Thanks to social networking, we are able to keep in touch with the kids online. The drive back took me about 6 hours but the weekend was worth it. However, we would love to make another trip again down south and need everyone’s continued support.

Thanks once again to Ichi and James. With them, we could not have accepted this generous invitation from Sophie Chang and ChingShan Elementary School (青山國小). Their passion and fire light up the room, the support of the school and our Benefactors. Working together with people who have the same drive and goal is so amazing!

Purpose: Push through the usual conventional means of interpretation and expression by honing our senses to communicate in different ways with the body; and doing so along with the children.


Lead Teachers: Ichi Lin and James Teng

Tasks: Assist the children with selections to draw their object and make observations from various angles, understanding the lines and various body expressions. Kitchen duties and group clean up.

Children will learn: Observation of inanimate and animate objects; interaction with others; morphing self-awareness of their own body and movements.

Benefactors: Yuting Hung, Sophie Chang

Volunteer Pool: Sara Chien, Sophie Chang, 張乃文, Kaiting Lin

First day lunch:
Hearty potato chunks with broccoli and cheddar cheese
Stir fry organic vegetables
Seasonal fresh fruit salad with coconut milk

First Day Snack: dark chocolate fondue with fruit and pretzels

Second Day Breakfast: Fresh fruit and croissants

Second Day Snack: Organic white corn and red bean soup

Location: ChingShan Elementary School 青山國小

Event Callout:青山國小-tainan/