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This trip out we went to wrap up the animation shooting (here is a gorgeously cute example) for the children who had turned in their disposable camera. Our group arrived early so we headed to the elementary school to meet up a few of the kids. Having fun playing basketball, they were a bit apprehensive about getting into a stuffy room for the afternoon. We then showed them the past student’s completed work and they were agreeable to begin cutting out their photos. After it started, they had a wonderful time with a small array of supplies made available to them and used markers, crayons, clay, paper, chalk, and their photos as props for their film. Self-made paper airplanes even came into play.

We took a break for pesto lunch and my obsession of the week – honey vanilla yogurt with blueberries and walnut (drizzled onto fruit salad). It proved extremely popular and I was glad to have introduced such a simple nutritious snack to everyone there.

After lunch, I finally got a chance from running in the kitchen to aid one of the girls on her story. She did not take photos so was upstairs playing UNO with a few other volunteers. Since we were way ahead of schedule and also had a few albums leftover that shouldn’t go to waste, I was eager to give her a slight push in creating a film piece since the outcome is so fantastic. It is so important to see what one can achieves if they take a bit of time and effort into the task. Creation when one did not believe in it being achievable builds confidence. Having support and a slight nudge can really help them get on that path.

Going through the albums and asking her if she would be interested in using each of the props, she was very hesitant at first. I helped her create some clay roses and prompted her on the story. This turned out to be a challenge for me as I’m prone to just running off with my own ideas, but thankfully volunteer Sophie moderated me so I would ask questions instead of “ask” AND “answer.”

And what happened? After a very short narration, this little girl turned out to have so much fun on her story she spent 3x the time of all the other kids! We finished up, took a break to walk around the village with kids, (I went with one of my ‘favorite’ kids to listen to him play piano and play basketball), and reconvened to clean up the center.

It was a wonderful day that ended too quickly. There were some really heart-warming moments that I’ll write about separately – read through all the posts!

BTW a call-out to life-saver Sarah Milne, super star volunteer of this session <3

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Purpose: To set the children on a possible path of animation from the basics and fundamental to end project. Explore creativity and individual components to come together for a full creation.

Children will learn: Creativity, time-management, basic components of film-making, story-telling.

Lead Teacher: Rippling Tsou

Volunteers: Sarah Milne, Sophie Chang, Melissa Lee, Tiby Lee, 藍元蔚, Jon Burke, 簡嘉彣(Queena), 林敬翔

Special thanks to my brother Derrick Lin for homemade salsa and some excellent suggestions on the menu!

Benefactors: None (would you like to become one?)

Tasks: Task: Assist the kids through creating their storyboards. Especially need those with tripods and camera. Welcome volunteers to just spend time with a few of the kids who did not get the disposable cameras so won’t make story boards – just make magnets from clay, Phenakistoscope, assist with making lunch, hot cocoa, watch a movie, play UNO, etc.

Lunch: Pesto pasta with broccoli & fresh lemon juice, honey vanilla yogurt with walnuts and blueberries on fruit salad, tortilla chips with homemade salsa, Slices of raw carrot, apples, and cheese cubes.

Location: Taoshan Youth Cultural Center

Event Callout: https://brightside.tw/2013/01/20/1262013-full-stop-motion-animation-workshop-part-iii-chingchuan-hsinchu/