Our Communities

Bright Side has been fortunate to meet different people from various communities, working together in creation of projects.

Some of the communities we work with have more sensitivity so we ensure their confidentiality in the public domain as working with the disabled and homeless; but in general we provide support to those that come seeking for it.

One of our strongest community relationships towards the end of 2012 has been with the ChingChuan community located in Hsinchu. For those in Taipei, the trip is 3-4 hours each way but it has not deterred the passionate volunteers from making the trek at least once a month for the past 4 months.

beautiful chingchuan in hsinchu! 美麗的清泉!photo courtesy 鄭又綺

beautiful chingchuan in hsinchu! 美麗的清泉!
photo courtesy 鄭又綺

Chingchuan is an Atayal village that has multiple cultures. Atayal people, Minnan People and people from overseas live with each other respectfully and peacefully. Father Barry has been living in Chinchuan for over 35 years, and has hoped the tribe to have a local community center. Through his effort and a miracle Wufong Project led by Malinda Schultz, the dream became a reality was officially put into use in December 2012. Our good friend LaLing Yumin has also been the key contact window in making us feel at ease to coordinate the children and rally the parents in ChingChuan. We are eternally thankful for their generosity, patience, and love to cooperate with us.


ChingChuan’s Father Barry in front of the Atayal Cultural Youth Center