Keen on getting involved immediately?

Whether you have a few hours or a full day to spend, check to see what we have lined up and simply sign up. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep on top of any events.

Right now we have events approximately once a month. If nothing works out with your schedule, you can check our sister site Handful of Sapphires for ways to get involved. Getting started in any possible way is a great way.

Who volunteers?

So far, everyone that has come out of this world. We’ve had volunteers from all types of different backgrounds. Bright Side also stresses an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy.

Our commonality is that we share the same goal and passion as what Bright Side is trying to achieve.

What is the time commitment?

Workshops are either full day workshops (4-5 hours); half day (3 hours); with freshly prepared vegan lunches in-between. This does not include the amount of transportation time that could take anywhere from 1-2.5 hours each direction (pending on Taoyuan or ChingChuan).

You can be a short-term volunteer by joining us once but we’re pretty sure that you will become a regular! For our specialized workshop days, we have an approximately 75% return rate so we’re sure you will be back.

What are some things I should watch out for?

We would need to stress to not bring gifts or junk food for children. Do not make promises on when you will return and always encourage them that they can do more.

OK, I'm ready to volunteer - now what?

First see what we have lined up but sign up fast – we limit to 15 volunteers and slots are often filled within 48 hours! The information on how to fill out the google doc with your personal contact information, ride-share, and link to a volunteer consent form will be provided. Email us to let us know you have sent your items through and we will confirm receiving registration. A skype-date option will be available for those with more questions. Note details such as ride-share, meet up point, day-of-event rundown, items to bring, etc, will be sent out via email approximately 10 days before the workshop. Countdown to the date and then have a heap of fun!

What is required of me?

At the start of the workshop, we will go over the day’s tasks. Remember instead of having one teacher “teaching” 30 kids, we’re fans of having one Big Friend to play alongside every 1-2 kids, if possible. So the workshop is not just for kids but for everyone! Precise tasks varies from workshop to workshop.

What is always required is pushing your own limits on creativity and engagement with our environment and each other.

Openness, patience, and love are also required!
We also all pitch in for set up, Kitchen Table duties, and clean up of venue.

Is there a certain ethos or principle I should be aware of when in a workshop?

Please read our Manifesto! We do have an equal opportunity and diversity policy intact so we get people from different beliefs and backgrounds. There are a few consistencies that we maintain for all Big Friends and little kids – we are all capable of achieving anything. This means gender fluidity, potentially breaking traditional norms. More communication, more tolerance, more love.

What if I can’t speak Mandarin?

No worries! Our Projects are accessible for everyone and we have translators on hand. Everyone will be assigned clear tasks and the kids are always really excited to meet people from different backgrounds.