Want to get to know a group of passionate people and become involved in our Neighborhood? From schools, organizations, villages, cities, a loose gathering of warm bodies – all are welcomed to get in touch and we can plan to see how to brighten this world.

Bright Side’s mission includes a variety of activities and if any of these could be of benefit, it’s something we can try to work out from tailored workshops, courses for involvement, guest speakers, and more.

Below are a few organizations who have joined us or helped us, in ways both big and small.

桃山國小 TauShan Elementary School

清泉天主堂 ChingChuan Catholic Church

台南青山國小 Tainan Chingshan Elementary School

桃山小年文化中心 Taushan Youth Cultural Center

婦女救援基金會 Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation

桃園縣私立睦祥育幼院 MuHsiang Pre-School

堡嶺慈善公益信託基金 Castle Hill Charity Foundation

國際特赦組織 Amnesty International Kids Group

關愛之家 Harmony Home


五峰計劃 The Wufeng Project

Atayal Organization

南島民族文化 Austronesian Cultural and Economic Cooperation Association (ACECA)

臺灣動物協會 Animals Taiwan

南洋臺灣姊妹會 TransAsia Sisters Association (TASAT)