Our good friend Malinda Schultz and her family Rottweiler Chewy needs your help!

Malinda and her Wufeng Project is how I was introduced to ChingChuan in the first place, and the catalyst behind the fundraising that successfully renovated the Taushan Community Center, which Bright Side utilizes today for workshops.

Chewy was saved from a pet shop when he was three weeks old and already diseased with mange and stomach mites. (Please do not buy from breeders, adopt! Animals Taiwan has plenty of furry friends waiting for adoption). He now lives the high life camping, surfing, hiking, swimming but came across some razor wires. The wires cut his artery and tendon in the front leg; in the 3 hour emergency surgery requiring over 100 stitches. We need your support on the hospital bills of $20,000 NT.



1. Buy a burger from his dad Steve Schultz if you are in Hsinchu, event details here
3. Buy a T-shirt made by the Atayal kids of ChingChuan that goes to helping furry animals! Let them know they helped animals in need. Click below to see each of the designs.

Proceeds from the T-shirt sales will go to fund Chewy’s hospital bills of $20,000 NT and to the $10,000 NT we’ve already dedicated to transfer to Animals Taiwan. Cost includes shipping and handling country-wide (Taiwan).


Cost: $790 NT / $25 USD per T-shirt (not including shipping). 價格: $790 NT / $25 USD 一件 (運費另計)

1. Pick the design you like and check the available sizes and colors HERE. 桃選圖案,檢查尺寸及顏色
2. Check the color options (there may be slight discrepancies) 顏色選擇
3. Ensure the size fits here 尺寸說明
4. Send an email to BrightSide.tw@gmail.com Subject: T FOR CHEWY Due to limited supply, it’s best to provide alternatives in case your first choice is not available. We will get back on payment options. 寄信到 brightside.tw@gmail.com, 我們會盡快回你的信。因為數量有限制,最好是多1-2件選擇。

目前的尺寸:Remaining available sizes and colors HERE for the three designs. 參考目前(7月3日)的T恤
目前的顏色:Available colors here
T恤衫尺寸訊息: T Size specs here

More details on the T-shirt workshop with kids and volunteers and process of creation here!