Become a benefactor in our neighborhood!


Please note that only local (Taiwanese) donations are tax-deductible. If you wish for your local donation to be deductible you must contact me prior to obtain the correct bank details. Amounts in USD from PayPal will be converted to NTD.




帳號:7261 6829 1508
銀行代號: 012
Bank Name: Fubon Bank
Bank Code
: 012
Account: 7261 6829 1508
Swift Code: TPBKTWTP
Address: No.266, Sec. 2, Beisin Rd., Sindian City, Taipei County 231, Taiwan

We welcome individuals, companies, organizations, and groups for donations. Our need to expand our creative thoughts and workshops comes with a need to fill the gaps so we can have an even larger impact and get more people involved in their communities!

1) Workshop and course materials – gives us more options to work with more materials and different teachers.
2) Subsidizing transportation & accommodations – increase bonding in community by making it easier for repeat passionate volunteers who want to get involved.
3) Healthy vegetarian meal alternatives – fresh fruit and vegetarian meals cooked for the communities to share.
4) Administrative – upkeep, logistics coordination, increasing the size of our Neighborhood Net so we can do more and in an even more efficient and professional manner.
5) Furthering our mission – you can read where else the donation funds will flow to grow or if there’s something specific, do let us know. Santa Jia-Xin did!

You can download our Personal Benefactor details here 下載嚮光2013肢體生活課程私人贊助訊息!
For the benefactors pending on level of support, they will have the option of logo placement on the Bright Side website (please scroll down on the main page) and mention rights on the specific workshops they cover. Working back to promoting involvement, certain level of sponsorships will also subsidize benefactors themselves in workshop involvement as fees will then be waived*

Association registration is in progress but donations can also be tax-deductible (applicable to those in Taiwan) but must be mentioned prior. We take local bank transfers, international bank transfers, and PayPal. Please contact us at (at) for more details.

Child utilizing disposable camera for a project, thanks to the generous benefactors

Child utilizing disposable camera for a project, thanks to the generous benefactors