Welcome everyone to hopefully the first of our Bright Side Basketball sessions! This time we will be heading to ChingChuan for Coach Mohan Huang’s half-day basketball program.

We might not all be athletes but we welcome you to join, help prepare snacks, and just join a day in the mountains with the kids. Maybe you will run into some the kids you have met in the past! Maybe you will be interested in working together and discussing how we can formulate this into a long-term basketball program for the youth!

Transportation has been blocked again to ChingChuan due to rain and reconstruction of the roads so there are very limited spots. We are specifically looking for a driver or two and a photographer to help out.

Date/Time: May 17th (Saturday) 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm (departure 10:30 Taipei)
日期/時間:5月17日(六)下午1:00-下午4:00 (大約10:30從台北出發)

Location 地點: Catholic Church basketball courts 天主教籃球場

Lead Coach 教練: 黃亞中 Mohan Huang
Purpose: Fine-tune our basketball game and instill good sportsmanship skills for the youth.
Children will learn: basics of basketball from the very best! Sportsmanship, becoming a team player, etc.

Volunteer Tasks: Prepare snacks, aid basketball teacher, hang out with kids.

Material Fees:
$200 with light snacks for children. Not inclusive of transportation.

5月費用 (不含交通):志工可任選200元投入本次活動基金。

How to sign up? 報名方式
1. Read and register here: 發email後必須填 https://goo.gl/kdq2nY
2. Email brightside.tw (at) gmail.com 發EMAIL到brightside.tw (at) gmail.com
3. Bright Side Projects will confirm your details and rideshare will be announced 5 days prior. 嚮光會跟你聯絡確認報名治療,共乘汽車方式課程7天前會再次做確認。

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1432342857015949/