Wrapping up the film pieces for the stop motion animation workshop so we will be heading up to ChingChuan at the end of this month. Final workshop here, the first officially under “Bright Side” before the Lunar New Year, where we outreach to drive community involvement in different neighborhoods throughout Taiwan. Our next major event will be on Feb 23rd 2013).

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This will be a more relaxed trip where I want to spend more time getting to know the village and things to do, sights to see, hot springs, and be with the kids. I already have 7 people on board before even putting out this notice – trying to keep this outing tight knit and also due to ride-share limitations, room for approximately 2 more so contact me now!

Purpose: to set the children on a possible path of animation from the basics and fundamental to end project. Explore creativity and individual components to come together for a full creation. You can see examples here of one of the finished pieces! Example of our stop motion animation game played here as well.

Lead Teacher: Ripper Tsou

Lead Photographer: Jon Burke

Task: Assist the kids through creating their storyboards. Especially need those with tripods and camera. Welcome volunteers to just spend time with a few of the kids who did not get the disposable cameras so won’t make story boards – just make magnets from clay, Phenakistoscope, assist with making lunch, hot cocoa, watch a movie, play UNO, etc.

Language Proficiency: Level 3 preferred as you need to communicate with the kids and ask them what their story is about, but Level 1 or 2 is also fine as we need some people to help make lunch and create Phenakistoscope – basically just spend time with the children.

Volunteer with the kidsPhoto courtesy of James Teng

Volunteer with the kids
Photo courtesy of James Teng

Fees: $250NT to help cover the cost of the children art materials and the healthy lunch/snacks.

Transportation: Each person is responsible for their transport to the Atayal Youth Cultural Center. We will arrange a few rideshares, please let me know and I can try to arrange. Otherwise, you can take a bus form Taipei to Zhudong via bus; 06:30 arrival 08:30 am, then transfer to the QingQuan bus that departs at 08:50 and will arrive in by 10:00 or so. This is the most economical way to get get there and costs approximately 140 NT + 90 NT. The last bus back down from QingQuan is 4:30pm.

Jan 26 Each child will have time to work with camera person and editor to narrate their story and shoot the stop motion items for the film. Some of the volunteers with film/editing will work to complete the footage overnight so we can all view this the next day. $250NT – goes for the kids’ healthy lunch, art material, disposable cameras, and development of film. Volunteers will also be fed yummy lunch and on the 26th! For those staying over, please bring a sleeping bag and potluck to share for dinner. Clean up fee for hostel is $100NT. Volunteers are responsible for their own transport to/from ChingChuan.

Kids will Learn: Creativity, time-management, photography, basic components of film-making, story-telling.


This is for those who can’t make the trip but wish to help! Any amount is welcomed, with $500 NT will help sponsor a child for the project as we need help to cover the cost of printing out film and the disposable camera ( 399 NT ). Sponsors will obtain 5×12 photograph of the children / $1000 NT will help sponsor a child for the entire project provide credits on the film piece. $3000 NT or more will also provide credit for future volunteer fees, we also look for long term sponsors and partners! Contact me!

Goes to cover all that requires the creation of future workshops, transportation costs as well as material and healthy lunch options for the children.

We always need donations of either digital cameras that we can re-use or actual film for the cameras/disposable cameras. Thick paper for the flip-book and craft projects. Ingredients for the kids lunch – fresh carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ice-cream maker and ingredients, potatoes, etc. Check out our January wishlist here!