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Quick FAQ Sheet

Q4 2012-Q2 2017

工作小時: 9,000 多(一位)
小朋友的名額 1120
大朋友的名額: 903
服務地區 清泉,桃園,台東,蘭嶼,苗栗,台東,台中, 台南

Workshops: 95
Hours: 9,000 +
Community Spots Filled: 1120
Big Friends Spots Filled: 903
Big Friend Return Rate: 75%
Return 4x or more: 50%
Areas serviced: ChingChuan, Taoyuan, Taipei, Tainan, Orchid Island, TaiTung, MiaoLi, Taichung



2011 August
First visit to ChingChuan as part of Malinda Schultz’s “Wufeng Project” raising funds to renovate the youth community centre.

2012 October
Started our first workshop, led by Rippling Tsou to create “Stop Motion Animation” in ChingChuan with the Atayal kids.

2012 December
First cooperation with Santa Jia-Xin for our annual end of the year necessities drive to provide warmth and love to those who will benefit the most.

2013 September
Our partnership with Taipei’s premiere vegetarian restaurant SALADAY begins. Over the course of 1.5 years we work together on almost a dozen workshops.

2013 December
Began our first workshop and our friendship with MuHsiang’s Children’s Home. Submitted our paperwork to register as an official association in Taiwan.

2014 May
Began our Basketball Series coached by Mohan Huang

July – September 2014
Our successful BUILD A HOME project with a turnaround of only 6 weeks.

2014 November
Officially registered as 社團法人臺灣嚮光協會 in Taiwan after almost 11 months of work and meetings.

2015 January
Featured in Taipei Times article “Look on the bright side
After 2.5 years of vegetarian meals, future workshops will now feature vegan meals

2015 August
Our first internal Bright Side Projects and Gender Equity Training for our Big Friends.

2015 November
First workshops in Orchid Island and Taitung

Over 45 months starting in Q2 2012, Bright Side Projects has created almost 80 Bright Side Projects events so friendships can grow organically. We provide the logistics and resource planning to empower those that want to get involved in their community.

workshops updated 20160735

Our multi-disciplinary workshops are a series of carefully crafted magical moments led by various Big Friends who have the passion to share their skills and knowledge with others. Events generally have a 1:1 or 1:2 ratio for every Big Friend and Kid. Full workshops are fun filled days with packed itineraries, including breaks for freshly prepared plant focused meals from our Kitchen Table and healthy snacks. Half day workshops and collaborative events are also just as integral to Bright Side, taking the same amount of planning and execution each from 65-90 hours.



Number of Participants

Over one thousand five hundred spots in these fun-packed events have filled by children and our big friends in the past 3 years.  The good news is that Big Friends have a 75% return rate, with 50% securing a permanent place on our Neighbourhood and in the children’s hearts by joining 4 times or more. We hope these long term pals can join our “Faces of the Youth” mentorship program.




JOIN 4 X OR MORE 大朋友的參與了至少四次以上



Within Taiwan, we have hosted close to 80 workshops and events throughout the country in Hsinchu, Orchid Island, Taitung, Tainan, Taoyuan, and Taipei. Due to limited resources, we are currently focused on two main communities in Hsinchu’s ChingChuan (2012) and at Taoyuan’s MuHsiang’s Children’s Home (2013).


Taitung / ShinMaLan

2015-Ongoing; A predominately indigenous Amis community. We create with kids thanks to the local ShinMaLan FUKID Community Center


Hsinchu / ChingChuan

2012-Ongoing; A predominately indigenous Atayal community. We create with kids ages 5-13 enlistment working alongside the local Catholic Church and TaoShan Elementary School.

2015-1018-萬聖節巧克力義賣-40 copy


Taoyuan / MuHsiang Children's Home

2011-Ongoing; shelter for youth affected by domestic violence. Ranges from elementary school to high school age.

2015-1205-108 copy

Orchid Island

2015-Ongoing; located offshore on the southeastern part of the country, majority is indigenous Tao. We host workshops for both women and children.






BUILD A HOME is a series of art installations collaborations between the youth of Muhsiang Children’s Home and Bright Side Projects in 2014. 14 creators from diverse backgrounds were asked to brainstorm alongside the children to brighten MuHsiang’s new home. This resulted in the artistic beautification of bedrooms and spaces that were meaningful on a personal level for those that would grow and dream there.

Over the course of a short six weeks starting in July 2014, creators from diverse backgrounds joined the summer journey in a series of intimate moments integrating painting, weaving, food, yoga, photography, pinatas, and barbeques to forge new friendships. We should realize each of us are empowered to influence and create not only the home where we reside, but the world we live in. Read more here.