2017 彩繪改造計劃 中文介紹 

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(戶名) 社團法人臺灣嚮光協會
US Credit Card / PayPal: brightside.tw@gmail.com
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捐款贊助需要收據的朋友(僅限臺灣地區)歡迎寄信至 brightside.tw@gmail.com 與我們聯繫或填資料 https://goo.gl/rKbCbU

募款目標 $95,900 / 目前 還缺 $28,447
Goal $3,165 USD / Still need $942

  • Goal $US 3,165 / NTD 95,900 70.3%

2017 9/20 截止日期 DEADLINE








支持我們9月份的活動喔~ 透過藝術賦予「慈馨兒少之家」的孩子們力量與勇氣!請參與支持我們九月份與慈馨少年之家合作的活動,透過創造他們的家園賦予孩子力量!通常孩子總是對自己生活的空間沒有什麼意見,尤其是育幼院或是中途之家的孩子。這次我們透過這個小小的藝術創作活動,讓孩子參與發想、設計、攝影、規劃等過程,希望他們能夠創造自己生活的環境並交給他們一些未來也能用到的知識技能。

Join in and support our campaign in September, collaborating with Tsu Kuang Childrens Home in Taichung empowering children to create their home through art. More often than not, children have very little say on how their lives will be lived especially those in orphanages and half way houses. Through this little act of creation by having them participate in the process of brainstorming, designing, photography, planning we hope they can take control of their environment and provide them with skills for the future.

關於2017BUILD A HOME彩繪改造計劃

BUILD A HOME彩繪改造計劃又要在2017年發生了! 為了協助「慈馨兒少之家」的孩子們將腦海中的夢想轉化為現實的空間,我們需要在九月三十日以前募集 $100,000 NT 來供應創作材料、蔬果食材、交通及住宿等改造工作期間的支出。另外若您有車輛能協助運輸工作或租借使用的話也請儘速與我們聯絡!

目標 Purpose: 透過藝術賦予「慈馨兒少之家」的孩子們力量與勇氣。
活動期間 Campaign Period: 2017 9/17-2017 10/1
對象 Children: 大約16位孩子 年齡 7歲~18歲
地點 Location: 台中市私立慈馨兒少之家 / 401-49台中市東區東英路303 號 ( No.303, Dongying Rd., East Dist., Taichung City 40149 )

這次的行動和以往相比最不一樣的突破便是我們將會邀請之前在其他地方曾參與過嚮光活動的孩子們前來一同參與這次的工作。這些孩子們大多數與我們從2012到2013年起便持續透過Face of the Youth良師益友計劃保持互動聯繫,現在他們可以親自參與活動為社群付出心力!我們也希望能全額支助他們這一次以及未來參與志工活動所需的支出。







Tsu Kuang is a children’s home based in Taichung city providing services for orphans and neglected children the ages of 3 and above. This time we will be working with the younger children in the home.


Our hopes remain consistent with our mission – getting the community involved to empower children, this time through art.

If we are able to achieve our fundraising goals, we would like to have the children not only be involved in the artistic creation and planning, but also other areas such as understanding photography, videography, editing, writing reports, and laying out a sample booklet or website dedicated to this projects. No experience is one-dimensional and learning should not be either!

About 2017 BUILD A HOME

We are so excited to continue our BUILD A HOME for 2017! Please help us raise $100,000 NT by September 30th to make this dream for the children of Tsu Kuang Children’s Home( $3,200 USD) translate into their reality! This includes material, freshly prepped plant-based meals, transportation, accommodation, and more! If you happen to have a vehicle we can utilize for transportation or can sponsor us in rental, please contact us immediately.

What will be even more astonishing and meaningful this time is that we will also involve youth we’ve worked with across the country to assist us with the project implementation. Some we’ve known since 2012 or 2013, through Face of the Youth, will now be able to continue to give back to the community that they are also a part of! We hope that we can support them this time and in all future endeavors.

目標 Purpose: Empower the children of Tsu Kuang Children’s Home through art
Campaign Period: 2017 9/17-2017 10/1
Children: Approximately 16 children, ages 7-18.
Location: 台中市私立慈馨兒少之家 / 401-49台中市東區東英路303 號 ( No.303, Dongying Rd., East Dist., Taichung City 40149 )


Taking cue from our successful BUILD A HOME project in 2014 (Taoyuan MuHsiang Children’s Home) we have been invited to co-host Taichung’s Tsu Kuang Children’s Home in the creation of a large 1.5-2 story tall mural for the children and by the children who live there! We have searched for many weeks before finally coming across the perfect artist.

Before we start the mural with A MONSTER A DAY art collective we will be hosting a workshop hosted by Teacher Kao Hsuan and Little Kingdom with kids who live at the home, so that kids have a say in what they want. We try in every way we can to empower children by giving them a voice and involving them throughout the process. We need your support to get us the finish line!

Very fortunate to have A Monster A Day provide this for us and Teacher Kao Hsuan (thanks to Little Kingdom) on this amazing journey with us. Bright Side Projects is a proponent of diversity promoting creation, love, gender fluidity, environmental consciousness, and awareness of social issues.

2014 桃園睦祥育幼院進行的BUILD A HOME 新家改造計劃


由於2014年夏天在桃園睦祥育幼院進行的BUILD A HOME 新家改造計劃非常成功,我們受到慈馨兒少之家的邀請,將與這裡的孩子們一同彩繪改造一面兩層樓高的大型外牆。經過幾個月的徵求尋訪,我們邀請到最適合的藝術家大朋友。
在我們和「一天一怪獸」的團隊們開始外牆彩繪創作以前,高萱老師與Little Kingdom將與兒少之家裡的孩子們進行創意工作坊,讓孩子們可以一同發聲,傳達出他們心中的願望。我們的行動總會想辦法讓孩子們能平等地表達意見,而且積極參與行動,讓他們在操作的過程中也能學習技能,獲得力量。

嚮光協會總是積極推動多元,我們希望在活動中推廣創意、愛、性別流動、環境永續及社會意識等精神價值。這次也非常幸運能邀請到 A Monster A Day 「一天一怪獸」及高萱老師 (特別感謝 Little Kingdom) 的支持參與。

2017 BUILD A HOME Activities



What is Required:
1) Signed Agreement form including usage of artist and artist work images in video and photography
2) Full collaboration with the children on conception, creation, and execution of the final piece.
3) Workshop with children prior to the creation
4) Meeting with Children’s Home prior
5) Draft approval by Children’s Home
6) Material List Budget approval by Children’s Home

As per Bright Side Projects Manifesto, we encourage artwork to challenge and dispel gender norms and stereotypes. Workshop planned for brainstorming session should promote creativity in the sense is to have both children and adult to try something new or refine a vision with better understanding. Copyrighted artwork will not be permitted.

** Remainder of funds will continue to go towards Bright Side Projects long term commitment in these communities.


總共 95,900元(沒有包含贊助)
$3,165 USD Total without Sponsorship:

917 腦力激盪的工作坊 Brainstorm Workshop $31,100 NTD ~ $1,025 USD
$8,000 Transportation (交通,包含821開會 inclusive of meeting in Taichung beforehand with artists and the Children’s Home)
$3,000 Plant-based Meal 純素點心
$5,000 Material/Workshop Materials 課程材料
$500 print fees 印刷費
$300 Insurance 保險
$300 Postal 郵局
$2,000 Teacher Fee 老師費用
$5,000 Logistics and Coordination 行政

$7,000 Photography/Video Edit/Rental 攝影師,剪短片,麥克風,租相機,等等

9/23-10/1 一面高牆 Mural $64,800 NTD~ $2,140 USD 

$6,000-10,000 Artist Fee 藝術家費用
$12,000 Transportation 交通

$10,000 Plant-based Snacks/Meal 餐

$6,000 Accommodations 住宿

$1,000 Printing Fee 印刷

$500 Insurance 保險

$300 Postal 郵局

$25,000 Internship/Logistics/Photography/Retouch/Video Edit/Rental ($2,500 per day) 工讀生,行政,攝影師,剪短片,麥克風,租相機,等等

** Remainder of funds will continue to go towards Bright Side Projects long term commitment in these communities.


917 腦力激盪的工作坊 Brainstorm Workshop

日期 Date:9/17 13:30 – 17:00
老師 Teacher高萱|Kao Hsuan
對象 Children: 大約30位孩子 年齡 7歲~18歲 Approximately 30 children, ages 7-18.
大朋友報名 Registration: https://goo.gl/Nuat1d

9/23-10/1 一面高牆 Mural

日期 Date: 2017 9/23-10/1
老師Teacher: 游尊鈞 A Monster A Day 藝術團隊
對象 Children: 大約30位孩子 年齡 7歲~18歲 Approximately 30 children, ages 7-18.
大朋友報名 Registration: https://goo.gl/cz6xKo

尊鈞 A Monster A Day 藝術團隊

插畫品牌簡介: 英語裡有句俗諺:「An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.」,意指每天藉由吃一顆蘋果,就能保持健康,免於患病。

現代人的生活裡存在著許多壓力與無奈,「A Monster A day/一天一怪獸」尊鈞將這些稍縱即逝的感想與情緒,藉由畫筆幻化(幻畫)成怪獸,使得情緒上獲得抒發與出口。
於是在2012年成立了A Monster A Day,希望在每天作畫的過程裡,讓這些怪獸可以幫助自己的心理健康,也期待帶給觀賞的人一些共鳴與安慰,繼續保持愉悅的心情面對生活裡的各項挑戰。

合作對象: 小路映画工作室、台北當代藝術館、精明一街玩劇島、奧美廣告、范特喜微創文化、博客來、愛藝享、好事互動Hi interactive、中國時報、財團法人兒童暨家庭扶助基金會、Nike、靜宜大學 閱讀與書寫創意研發中心、《紙飛機生活誌》、台中市政府社會局、未來電影日、丸作食茶、福斯汽車….etc.

臉書: https://www.facebook.com/AMonsterADay/
Youtube頻道: www.youtube.com/user/AMonsterADay/videos

One of the most well known phrases is “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Right now we live our lives day to day plagued by pressure and a sense of helplessness – A Monster A Day brings to our lives monsters that relieve the stress and send these negative emotions away! The artistic group was set up in 2012, hoping that through the healing process of painting and art on a daily basis, the monsters can bring up on a positive mental outlook on life and bring comfort and invoke happy moods around the world.

A Monster A Day has worked with a variety of partners from Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Nike, Ogilvy & Mather, Nike, Hi Interactive, Volkswagen, China Times, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and more!

高萱|Kao Hsuan


曾任台北市、新北市數所幼稚園、托兒所、親子館、美術教室的專任幼兒藝術教師。現為自由藝術教育工作者,主要服務為給2-10歲的小小藝術家們的藝術課程,包含藝術體驗、藝術活動、藝術實驗。本身創作多關注於自身的生命經驗、感受、感知裡,並透過生活的經驗中來檢視對照這些日常事物的細節,善於透過不同手法- 平面繪畫、錄像、雕塑裝置等多樣媒介予以紀錄、轉化,使這些習以為常的生活經驗透過不停的攪碎、重組產生變化。作品多帶細膩的詩意呈現。.

Kao Hsuan was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1990. She graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts in 2013. Ideas for her works are often derived from experiences, senses, and perceptions in life, and are ways to examining mundane details in everyday encounters. She often utilizes methods of painting, video, sculpture, and installation to document and transform snippets of her life, tearing tenuous moments down and reconstructing them into poetic, diligent forms. Kao’s works before 2013 are primarily two-dimensional: The lateral woman, Ideology, Untitled, and vaginal are all pieces reflecting her own bodily states. In 2014, Kao began a long-term project titled Dictionary date- A to Z. It is an ongoing project containing poems written for herself. Disguised in English alphabets and sketches that house fragments (scenes) of her consciousness, everyday experiences are made into a journal of inspiration to document the artist’s self. There is no longer a specific way of making anymore.

個人網頁 / http://drawingworkers.wixsite.com/kaohsuan/home
粉絲專頁  / https://www.facebook.com/Opppppp123/

Little Kingdom,一間結合店面及網路的親子概念店,由時裝品牌設計師 Elsie所創辦,以『啟發寶寶美學創意』為經營之理念,以獨道的眼光精選來自歐洲、具有啟發性與設計美感的產品,強調「品質」、「機能」及「美學」三大準則,精選適合0-6歲幼童的居家生活用品、益智與藝術類玩具、服飾及家飾品。另外,Little Kingdom提供貼心品牌服務「禮物秘書」,量身為每位客人打造「嬰幼兒送禮服務」,為育兒生活帶來全新的美學享受!



—- August 2017 —-
8/10 布拉德施維根廚房 Brother Su Vegan Kitchen 6,000
8/10 施國隆先生 4,000
8/23 鄭如棻 $500
8/23 Anon Post Office 郵局 153
8/28 楊智傑 $500
8/30 Kevin Dam $1500
8/30 Anon Post Office 郵局 $2000
8/31 Anon Marathoner 10,000
8/31 Fubon 00358 中信銀 $2,000

—- September 2017 —-

9/2 洪小姐 $100
9/6 Haena Kang $1500
9/8 鄭如棻 $500
9/10 Sara Jack 3700
9/11 Josephine Cheng 2000
9/14 鄭如棻 10,000
9/18 財團法人臺北市岱宇國際慈善基金會10,000
9/20 Anon 40066750 中信銀 3,000
9/22 捷式股份有限公司 10,000


Fundraising Counter – Goal 95,900 NTD / $3,165 USD

  • Current Update 70.3%

DonateIcon hand


台北富邦銀行 Taipei Fubon Bank
銀行代號 Bank Code 012
帳號 Account: 4901 0202 2421
Swift Code: TPBKTWTP
銀行地址: 台北市大安區仁愛路四段389號
(戶名) Account Name 社團法人臺灣嚮光協會


歡迎個人、公司、組織或團體捐款。我們的想法、創意和課程都需要您的愛心來實現。捐款贊助需要收據的朋友(僅限臺灣地區),留下姓名、身分證/統一編號、地址、聯絡電話、轉帳最後5碼。有任何問題,歡迎寄信至 brightside.tw@gmail.com 與我們聯繫或填資料 https://goo.gl/rKbCbU 。收到捐款及聯絡方式後,我們將於45日以內製發正式收據。

素食餐 11,000元 1場腦力激盪的工作坊/6-10天一面高牆/30位孩子/15位大朋友
Plant-Based Food for Taiwan $350 USD / 1 Workshops / 6-10 days of painting / 30 Children / 15 Big Friends

Vegetarian with vegan friendly lunches will be sponsored by Tsu Kuang Children’s Home (a Buddhist institution); however, Bright Side Projects will still provide plant-based snacks to make with children and additional meals to supplement.

交通 Transportation – $17,500 ~ $20,000





註: 活動中絕大多數夥伴皆為無償參與服務工作。


People like the idea of convenience – but getting items to where those who may benefit from the resources is not always about that. Our core group is based in Taipei and we have on-site locals in each of the locations. But with many of our talents and resources prepped at our base, we need to sort and get them out.

Our core group is based in Taipei and we have on-site locals in each of the locations. But with many of our talents and resources prepped at our base, we need to sort and get them out.

From Taipei to Taichung: by public transport 2-3 hours each way via bus or train / by personal vehicle 2.5 hours each way.

Since April, the staff no longer has use of a private vehicle. This has been a huge strain for us in terms of logistics and extra expenditure. Renting a vehicle will cost approximately $1,500 per day, not inclusive of collecting the vehicle, extra fees, taxes, and gasoline thus approximately $1,800-$2,300 per day. We have also been quoted the generous offer of $30,000 for a one month rental.

Buses and trains will cost approximately $800 roundtrip while the HSR at a hour is $1,400 per person. Both will require additional funds to take the taxi to Tsu Hsin Children’s Home. We do have a lot of equipment to take with us to most workshops so logistically having storage space in a car is ideal.

Note that many of these participants are not paid for and volunteering on their own time.

嚮光計劃核心成員 Bright Side Projects Team

主要參與此次計劃核心成員將包括Daisy Lin, Rhea Chou, Haichen Hsu, Starry Cheng 以及 Ken Wang。在每個地方,我們希望都能為當地團體舉辦工作坊並提供BSP訓練課程。活動的報名資訊將會在近期公布,請持續關注並加入我們的行列!

Our core group that will be heading to Taichung include Daisy Lin, Rhea Chou, Haichen Hsu, Starry Cheng, Ken Wang. In each location we hope to open up workshops to local community and will conduct a BSP Training session beforehand. Public registration to the events will be available soon – keep posted and join us now!


如果你有任何其他問題, 請透過 brightside.tw@gmail.com 連絡我們.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at brightside.tw@gmail.com
Thank you for your generosity and love for the children of Taiwan!